Sunday, May 4, 2014

What a week this has been.........

I am feeling and doing better today but this week was something else.....I won't bore you with the details as I have "moved on" and things are looking bright on the horizon. 
I messed up my sock right as I was starting the heel flap but all is well as yesterday I went to my favorite LYS and she showed me how to fix it.  I learned how to make a  "life line" and it and she "saved the day"!  I'm back on track and got half the heel flap done last evening. Maybe my days of "starting over" are done...I hope.  I received a few other tips too which is so great as I have been floundering solo for awhile now and some of this stuff just isn't in any books I've read.
The afghan for my daughter and her family is on the rocks and I have decided to chose another pattern which I am familiar with and which I think I can comfortably and successfully use the "yarn from hell".
 I did start an amigurumi project which is going very well.  If I'd known it was all single crochet I would have tried it ages ago.  I am using cotton yarn though and it is hard on my fingers but the pattern recommended it.  I have since seen many people using acrylics.  Any suggestions as to what is the best yarn to use?  I don't care for this red but it's what I have at the moment so I'll go with it.  It's going to be a little bunny.  I know, Easter is over but this is for me and I have a "thing" for rabbits....inside, not in my garden though. LOL!
 My yarn didn't come in yet for my KAL with the LYS group but this week for sure.....meanwhile I started this YOP blanket that I was learning cables for....remember?  I got so caught up in the cable scarf I almost forgot what I was learning them for.  So, I think all of these are on my YOP list for this year...I hope.  I have started my list for our new year come July and I am going to have to pare it down considerably and then some.  I have things I haven't finished from Year 2 when I started!  But now that I have a LYS I am thinking I will be able to stay on task with projects as I won't get stuck since I have so many knowledgeable people I am rubbing elbows with.  Yesterday, there was a bunch of sock knitters there and there are crocheters too.  I forgot to take my camera but next time hopefully I will remember.
I have to save my #8 circulars for my KAL so I had to use these old aluminum ones.  I need to get another #8 circular.  Now I understand why people have multiples of the same you can start more projects!  Duh!
 This is a baby bee blanket that I got as a kit from Knit Picks last year before I knew how to do cables.

I've been working on this Dottie Angel blanket  (it's a great t.v. watching project) and I have all the colored squares done except for 4 in 2 other colors and then the white or cream for in between them.

It's great for using up scraps and/or stash.  But I think the yellow might be a little too bright for my tastes and also I did cream squares but now I think I like white better.
I have to go dig some more in my stash and come up with some more colors and now crochet some white squares since I may not use the cream colored ones.  I have about 4 pattern books I am ordering that I have wanted for awhile now and need to utilize for YOP 1415.  I love the planning part and this year I will have all my supplies ready for when we start.
Happy Trails!


  1. You have got lots done, Sam! Your knitting and crochet are looking great! So pleased to hear about the LYS and the help you find there with your projects, as well as spending time with like-minded crafters :)
    Wishing you a happy May!
    Helen xox

  2. I like the pattern and happy colors in the sock and think it would make a great hat or sweater too.

  3. I've never got to the point where I'm not ripping out and starting over - I seem to do it pretty regularly. But ripping, tinking and fixing do get easier with practice :)

    It's awesome that you found a LYS you're comfortable at. Nothing like someone sitting right there helping you to see how it's done!

  4. Thrilled you found help at hand for those tricky things that are not in books. I love the squares, so happy looking. For ami when I'm using acrylic I just use Stylecraft I find it easiest on my hands when I'm doing a lot of it, it's what the last lot of my ami's have been made from.

  5. Your blanket is going to be fabulous - cozy, warm and happy colours

  6. I had to go see that blanket. Here is the link come you are not joining as you go? I am certain you want to strangle me now:)

  7. I am so happy you have a lys now!! I can't imagine life without our mine, nor my in real life knitting friends. It sounds like you are in for a great time--movie night? How fantastic.
    While watching the news and weather spots, I have wondered how you were holding up. I am so sorry you have to head down to a basement alone--but glad you have your sweet pets to keep you company.
    I love your projects-and I agree with others, the blanket will be gorgeous. I like your socks too!
    Have a great week, full of joy..

  8. Having just finished my first pair of socks I am happy that you kept going. It's all worth it the second they get on you feet!
    Amigurumi can be very hard on the hands, the only way to counter it is to take frequent breaks and maybe alternate your knitting and crochet evenings. Sadly those stitches just have to be tight!
    Love everything in your post.

  9. I can't Crochet but you have inspired me to start knitting squares to use up my suitcase full of wool. I love the way they are joined together. We have a knitting group once a week in our local Library. I will ask if they Crochet. Take care now . Marion x

  10. You are quite the busy bee! I'd love to learn how to do cables, I think I'll put a project like that on my next YoP-list as well.. And I would love to see your bunny when it's done! I'm sorry the cotton is hurting your hands.. I've used both acrylics as well as cotton for ami's, and honestly I'm still not sure what's better.. The Dottie Angel blanket is going to be such a happy one!

  11. I'll be honest, my handiwork is not getting done these days. I hope to get some time this coming weekend.

  12. I'm so glad you were able to find someone to save the socks!! The squares are great and look so uplifting.

  13. You have been busy! Having a LYS where you can ask for help is worth so much, it definitely helps to bring projects out of timeout and to the nice finish line :)

  14. You have so many wonderful projects going. I love the sock color and the way it is turning out. You are doing a great job on it. The baby bee blanket is so interesting. I am anxious to see it as it progresses. Good idea on using the scrap yarn for the squares. The cotton yarn for the bunny is perfect and yes, it is hard on your hands but makes the 'toy' much more durable.


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