Sunday, May 11, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!

So sorry I have not been around this week.  I got all involved with going to the LYS and signing up for another CAL this time (a crocheted necklace) and there was shopping and errands and bills and who knows what else but the week just flew by!  I'm hoping to stay closer to home this week.  I will catch up with everyone too.  I've also been putting my health and walking and the girl's health first and foremost and we are all the better for it.  I'll blog it all daily this coming week.  
Meanwhile for YOP Sunday I have been doing well on my projects for this year and also one for next which wasn't on this year's list but it's the KAL (my first) at my LYS.  It will count towards next year.
No progress on the amigurumi or the bee blanket but the sock is coming along and I'm on the gusset now as I've just turned the heel.

You're probably tired of looking at it ........
Here's something KAL at the first "large" square is done and I'm just now attaching the yarn for square no. 2 which is a rectangle...
Here's the pattern I colored for far this is a lot of fun!  Each patch is separate and you pick up stitches and do a knit cast on to connect the patches.  There are 3 sizes too.  I'm doing the smallest but I can see more of these in my future as they are so enjoyable and the color combinations are endless.  It's all done in worsted weight too.  The striped rectangles are going to be a variegated yarn.
Tami, the owner of the LYS gave us each a sweet little bag yesterday and wished us all a Happy Mother's Day.........
and look what was inside mine.......isn't it precious?  A fitting for me since I am determined to be a great sock knitter......some day.  I've never had one of these fancy marker's before.  Thank you so much Tami and I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day too!
I 've done a few more squares on my Dottie Angel blanket..........
and picked up a few more colors when I went to Wal-mart
I got this soft and snuggly yarn to make another Bunny Buddy for Grayson and then Sam too.
I got this for the cat bed that's on my YOP was supposed to be for Grace for this last Christmas.  This yarn has all her fur colors in it so hopefully it won't show all the cat hair that will cling to it.
That's all the fiber projects that are going on this week.
For Mother's Day I am making funnel cakes for myself with fresh strawberries, casting on new projects and working on old ones and it's going to start raining any minute here so I'll have perfect weather for sitting in my easy chair, stuffing my face full of funnel cake and knitting and/or crocheting while keeping an eye on the weather in Iowa where my children and grandchildren live.  The whole state of Iowa is under a threat for severe weather today.  Stay safe, happy and healthy where ever you are and enjoy "your day"!  Happy Trails!
P.S.  I'll catch up with ya'll this coming week....I promise!


  1. Another busy week - you are right to put your health foremost though - I hope you are both well now. That is a lovely gesture from your lys, the sock is very apt!

  2. You will NEVER guess what I picked up with a cupon from Michaels yesterday! The Bernat baby blanket yarn to make 2 (maybe three) of the same bunny buddy blankets for women in my church who are to have babies in the next three to four weeks! Great minds think alike ;)

  3. What a lovely day you have planned and what a wonderful lys you have found. I think I would be hanging out there every day! Well done on the socks--you are zipping along faster than I am on mine.
    Have a wonderful evening....

  4. Belated Mothers Day wishes and I hope you had a wonderful day relaxing in your easy chair eating cake and knitting/crcoheting and I do hope all the children stayed safe. You have been busy this week and the socks are looking great, you are going to be a great sock knitter look how well your doing already, what a sweet marker and very apt. I just love love love that blanket, it is an awesome design you've done, I'm going to have to try one! Lovely purchases and it sounds like you've got plenty to keep you in that chair.

  5. Ooh! You did lots! The new knitting blanket looks like a lot of fun indeed and the Dottie Angel blanket is coming along too! What a great idea to make funnel cakes with fresh strawberries, yum! Hope you had a great day!

  6. I never ever get tired of looking at socks ... just saying!

    Love the idea of a cat bed in colours which the cat's hair vanishes against. We have a black cat and all her beds are off-white. At least that's the colour they're supposed to be when they're clean :)

  7. Somehow, my cats hair would always show up even on things that were the same color as their hair. I think it's a cat thing. :)


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