Sunday, April 6, 2014

YOP Sunday

 Boy, did this week go fast!  The swallows have returned to Capistrano or the songbirds are back in Arkansas rather and singing their little hearts out.  I usually open the windows but it has been cold and wet here this week.
 I had to tell you about this quick, delicious and healthy little breakfast that I found in Country Living magazine.  Take a little ramekin, put a slice of Canadian bacon in the bottom, whisk one egg in a separate bowl and pour on top of the bacon, microwave for 30 seconds, stir the egg, microwave for another 15-30 seconds and top with some shredded cheese.  Fast, healthy and tasty!  I must admit I have to have a couple pieces of toast with it as it isn't enough to fill me up but maybe some day it will be.  It would be great for kids too.
 A new book I picked up at the library.  It's non-fiction and was written by a woman who was married for years to a man who was gay and she didn't know it but more specifically it is how we deal with sometimes drastic and dramatic change in our lives.  So far it is very good.
Oh, yes, what have I been working on this week for my YOP's?   I am moving right along with the afghan made out of the "yarn from hell" and not doing too bad.  It has required patience and concentration and following directions....not bad for a woman who has trouble in all those areas! LOL!  I'm actually learning to work with this yarn and because the rows are so long I get a rhythm going and can even watch t.v. while crocheting it.   I'm come a long way, baby!  I am on row 9 of 102 not counting the edging.  Last week I misspoke and said there were 110 rows.  Whew, instead there's only 102....every little bit helps!
I've cast on the socks for MOI and have more done on the cuff than shows here.  I'm getting used to the tiny needles and sit down and knit a row when I want to take a break during the day.  I've been painting the bathroom ceiling this week and it is slow as I can't stay up there too long...the air is
I'll be by later to check up on's been a busy week!  I hope it was a great one for you and that this next one holds lots of promise too!
Happy Trails...........


  1. So glad to hear that the afghan from the yarn from hell is starting to move along. You're still a better person than I ... I'd have tossed the yarn. Looks like a nice start though, and it'll be worth it in the end. Always good if you can watch TV through it.

    Hurray for socks! Tiny needles aren't so bad once you get used to them. And after a couple of rounds on the socks, the afghan must feel like it's flying along!

    We've seen our first cardinals in the yard. They were at the patio door complaining about the lack of safflower seed in their feeder. I guess the greedy little purple finches must have gobbled it all up. Lovely to see those flashes of red in the yard. Now if only those last bits of snow and ice would melt!

  2. I'll look for that sounds good! I love being busy, too! Have a wonderful week my friend! Sweet hugs!

  3. The yarn from hell is looking good, you should be done way before Christmas!! Spring is almost here..warm days..oh it is so appreciated! :)

  4. Any combination of egg and bacon is good in my book!! Only 102 rows sounds good and it is looking great :-)

  5. You do make me laugh with your 'Yarn from hell'. The afghan coming along nicely though. I've been decorating too..the spare room...although my son is back from Uni for a couple of weeks and had taken over the spare room as his room is packed with all the stuff that I've taken out of the spare room to decorate it! He doesn't seem to mind. He said 'I like rooms with nothing in them except for a bed!' Bit different to me with all my stuff! Have a good week. Maggie xx

  6. Looks like you had another nice week. The book looks interesting.

  7. The afghan with the yarn from hell is looking good, I love to alternate 'tv-projects' with projects that need your full attention.. That's a great breakfast idea indeed! Thanks for sharing!

  8. You are getting on well with your makes! The breakfast idea sounds yummy....and nice and quick too. Another book to add to my list, thank you :)
    Have a great week!
    Helen xox

  9. You are very patient. That boucle lookin' stuff would drive me nuts. That looks like a riveting book; what an experience to go through.

  10. Your knitting and crocheting is beautiful!
    It must be wonderful to have the birds back singing.

  11. Hi Sam,
    Busy as usual I see. You sure do a lot of things of things going. Always good info on your site too.
    Yes I like all those same BBC programs. Nice to know that someone else likes Doc. Martin.
    Nancy JO

  12. You make me feel totally unproductive.

    I have a baby blanket I am working on - slowly. You make me realize that I need to pick it up and knit 3 or 4 rows each day.


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