Friday, April 11, 2014

Pic Monkey...better late than never?

 Yes, I'm late to the dance, I know and I wasted spent a good amount of time playing with all the different features of Pic Monkey, a favorite blogger photo editing software.  Of course, the features I really liked were all the ones requiring money.
 These plants were 1/2 price at Wal-Mart yesterday.

 "One of these things is not like the other one".....too much Sesame Street when my children were little....don't judge me.
 Ah, yes...I wasn't going to mention this but here is the evidence of the third coat on the ceiling.  I think its the paint.  The first time I used it I had no problem but it has sat for a couple years and I think it chemically changed it's composition.  It was Dutch Boy's ceiling white with a novel pink dye that showed up so you could see where you painted and where you hadn't.  The "pink" disappeared after it dried but I won't be using it again.
 I picked up this pack of material at Wal-Mart to make some Easter candy bags for the grands. I do love me some polka dots!
 My friend Sue, the book fairy stopped by today but now she is not only the book fairy but the yarn fairy too!
 Look at this gorgeous yarn she gave me!!!!  I just keep gazing at it.  It is called "Coming Up Flowers" and tells you to "watch as little boucle flowers magically appear".  I should have taken a picture of Sue's scarf she is knitting from it.  She used a skein with reds and it is so pretty.  The yarn label states to "cast on 14 stitches with  size 11 needles and knit until you are happy or run out of yarn"!  LOL!  I'm happy just looking at it!  Thank you, Sue. 
Tonight is Friday Night With Friends where I attempt to sew on some projects.  Wish me luck as I am fading fast tonight and haven't even had supper yet.  But what a beautiful day it was here in the Ozarks!  It's still 80 degrees and no humidity....ahhhhhh.....Spring!  Open season on windows!
Happy Trails!


  1. What beautiful yarn...such rich colors! And some good books, too! I hope we both have nice weather! Happy weekend! Hugs!

  2. Pretty Yarn! Still too chilly to open windows here yet..but soon:)

  3. I love the colors in the yarn.

  4. Love the colours of your yarn! And a nice pile of books :)
    Wishing you a happy weekend.
    Helen xox

  5. You just now discovered PicMonkey? I don't do anything that requires money. Not even apps on my iPhone. Just don't think it's worth it when you can do enough with the free stuff. :) That yarn definitely looks like it is for knitting. Some yarns just don't work well with crochet. Glad to hear you are having beautiful weather. Enjoy and have a great weekend. Tammy

  6. The yarn is gorgeous and of course I love the fabric because there are polka dots.


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