Monday, April 14, 2014

YOP Sunday

 I have been trying to blog all day but the phone kept ringing.  Sunday is "calls from the kids" and I should know better by now and have my blog ready on Saturday night.
 I've been getting in the Easter spirit and today was Palm Sunday for us Christians and of course I have to put something in the mail this week for "the grand babies".  I'm been thinking of the wonderful Beatrix Potter who I adore even as an adult.
 I'm busy crocheting busy in fact I forgot to take a picture of them so here is the picture from Pinterest and you can find the pattern at Whiskers and Wool and no, mine aren't nearly as cute as hers but I'm can be the judge next week when I post them.  (BTW this satisfies my Holiday projects)
 The story of my socks is a saga similar to Goldilocks.......first there were size 1 needles but they were TOO SMALL, then I went to Wal-Mart and found size 2 and 3!  I know!  I was shocked as they have never carried dpns before (not that I'm crazy for aluminum but they'll do until I get my wooden ones).  So I brought them home and decided to jump right to size 3 as size 1 was so tiny but after casting on and doing a few rows it seemed that they were TOO BIG so then I tried size 2 and they were JUST RIGHT!  Or so I hope....time will tell.  I have finished the elastic part of the cuff and now it's just straight knitting for 6 inches.....ahhhhhhhhhh.
The afghan/blanket is coming along but this  row has been re-crocheted about 3 or 4's the back post cluster and the stitch is fine but it depends on where you start your stitch and if they're too close you start getting too many stitches and it starts curving outward and if you don't have enough you get gaps and holes.  I can't count them as I CAN'T SEE THEM!  It is the craziest but hopefully I will stay sane and persist and the results will be good enough to give next Christmas.
There are many beautiful handcrafted pottery bowls for yarn but they can be pricey.  I found this little ceramic basket several years back at the thrift store and I've used it for Easter decorating but I gave it a whirl to hold my yarn and it works perfectly.  The yarn never "hops out" and the basket is heavy enough not to tip over when I pull for more yarn.   You might want to check your own ceramics or your local thrift for one of these "yarn bowls".

We had severe storm warnings with possible hail and damaging winds for tonight so this morning I went out and gathered some blooms before Mother Nature whisked them away. 
These are red bud blooms. 
The last of the pear blossoms..........
and these are some annuals I bought and was going to plant until they predicted temps dropping into the low 30's after the storm.

Happy Trails!


  1. Love the bunnies and I'm sure yours will be very cute. I love the way the blanket is progressing and your flowers are gorgeous - hope the storms pass quickly.

  2. Those bunnies are just too cute, love them. I've been coveting a yarn bowl for quite some time and I must check out the ceramics in the local shops but I have seen a colander used, you just feed the yarn through any one of the holes and hey presto retro yarn bowl, now that's probably more my style anyway lol.

  3. Cute bunnies! We loved Beatrice Potter when we were kids too. Lovely Easter theme.

    Your sock yarn looks really awesome - just as well the leg is straight stockinette though, because I don't think you'd find the pattern back in that much colour :)

    Keep trying that sock on as you go along. I often switch down a needle size after the heel because I like the foot nice and snug!

    I'm totally jealous of all your spring blooms. We're weeks away from that! Even the crocuses are late this year. Mine are just little green sprouts an inch high.

  4. Your peeps are just the cutest! I'm going to follow that link and see what I can do! Have a wonderful week my friend! Hugs!

  5. Your blooms are all beautiful! Nothing like Mother Natures paint brush...
    You sure are getting advanced with your crocheting projects.
    I'm still just dreaming of what I can make.

  6. Hi Sam, hope the storm wasn't as bad as predicted. Good idea to bring the blooms in before you lose them all. Nice projects, though knitting makes no sense to me, but I see that you have mastered the art of socks. Good for you! I remember seeing the bunnies but haven't attempted the pattern. I should give it a go. I'm sure yours turned out just fine ... I imagine the faces would be the hardest part. I tend to pick patterns that are easy, no back post or clusters of that sort. I just want it to be easygoing. Made a shelf edging yesterday for the kitchen. Just a simple pattern I made as I went and now need to do two more. Quick, easy, satisfying. Have a great week. Tammy

  7. Gorgeous knitting, especially those sweet little rabbits.

  8. Those bunnies are so adorable.

  9. Can't wait to see the finished peeps! Good luck with the "just right" socks - you are one busy lady!!!!!

  10. I'm so impressed you're making a blanket where you can't count or see the stitches.. I think I would go crazy :p But I'm sure it will look great :D


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