Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow, sleet, freezing rain but I still have power!

There are thousands, here in Arkansas without power tonight and it is below freezing here.  It is not as bad or as widespread as 2009 so hopefully they will have power back fairly soon...not the weeks that it took in 2009.  Meanwhile, I got some ironing done.  I have some old aprons I've picked up at sales over the years.  I wash and iron them about twice a year.  Don't ask me why as I don't wear aprons but it reminds me of a simpler time.  A time that I could go back to in a heartbeat except for women's rights. LOL!
This apron was entirely hand stitched even the trim.  She must have run out of gingham because the ties and waistband are pieced with other material.

This apron seems to have been a printed panel that you cut out and sewed up
Binding the raw edges seemed to be a popular way of finishing.....
This is a "petal" apron..........
at least that's what it looks like to me.......
Sorry for the blurry picture but this is the back of the next apron where someone mended a tear.  Back then nothing was "disposable" and they took great pains to maintain what they had....
This is the mended apron..........
I saved the best for last...or at least my favorite.........
All hand embroidered...........
 isn't it gorgeous?
Well, that's the extent of my apron collection.  I hope you had a good day and are safe and warm tonight wherever you are.  Happy Trails!


  1. I love vintage aprons, I never quite know what to do with them. I have one draped across the front of my washing machine and one on a dress form but that's about all I could come up with! lol! I've seen people hang them up for curtains and that's really cute!

    Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my first Treasure Trove Tuesday post!


  2. The one with embroidery is very special and it still looks like new! I love old aprons and wear an apron every time I walk in the kitchen. I'm messy...heehee! Stay warm my friend! I hope the power comes back on for those that need it! What a terrible winter it's been for AR! Sweet hugs!

  3. That is a nice collection of aprons. Funny that you wash and iron them every year. There is definitely something to be said for mending and make do. Such wastefulness occurs now. Warm wishes, Tammy


  4. Hi Sam,
    Lots of pretty Aprons, I didn't know you collected them.
    Still wondering about your talk of moving? Are you? And where to? Cold and snow yet again today.
    Nancy Jo

  5. I have fond memories of both my grandmothers wearing aprons all the time! One wore the bib style aprons and the other the skirt style. Thanks for sharing your apron collection with us!

  6. What a lovely collection of aprons! I love the first one with two colors of ric-rac, have to keep that in mind. Your favorite is stunning! So beautiful. Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love your collection!
    You have several unique styles too.
    I would like to display my old aprons, but never seem to get around to it!

  8. Snap! I like the embroidered one too! You have more patience than me doing all that washing and ironing! I have a collection of pinnies hanging in the pantry not for display but for use as I'm a tad messy.
    As for my embroidered linen bunnies, I only cut up the linens that are damaged as no one will ever use them again. That's why they end up in charity shops, people don't have the knowledge or the inclination to get the marks and stains out these days, so they end up starched and fusty in the back of a damp cupboard. I have a handful of absolutely beautiful ones that I would never ever cut up. The embroidery is really well done unlike the majority I come across that are only mediocre. Thats why I make them into bunnies, so that the good parts of the embroidery can be loved again as it deserves to be. x

  9. I need to make me an apron or two - LOVE Aprons,, Lovely vintage aprons you have... I like the embroidery one...

  10. What sweet aprons. I have one vintage handmade embroidered apron that I don't wear cuz it is so pretty, like the one in your photo.

  11. I like that last one too and the gingham. Good to hear you still have power and heat!! :)


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