Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Cold Tuesday but the "warmup" is coming tomorrow!

I didn't get off to a very good start this morning....my kitchen t.v. "bit the dust" and I'm afraid my printer did too.  Hmm....they're plugged into surge protectors but why both at the same time?  Then, the phone rings and it's Dish Network wanting to know if my Dish is working alright...coincidence?
I did manage to find out that I can take old electronics to the recycling center "when the white truck is there".....so am I supposed to ride around with all my old electronic equipment in  my car until the "white truck" arrives?  Thank goodness the Recycling Center is not too far so when I take my other things if I see "the white truck" I can run back home and load up the dead t.v.'s and other members of my electronic graveyard.
Meanwhile,my girls always lift my spirits...............this is Grace...for some reason she REALLY believes we can't see her behind this curtain....
I finished a few books and I think I forgot to tell you about some of them..........
Town in a Blueberry Jam is a great new "cozy"mystery series with recipes and a great plot and storyline.  This is the first book in the series and I plan on reading more!
This book is old and written by a minister who lived in the woods in Michigan.  He believed the spiritual was all around us in nature.  He had his own church where he was pastor but these writings and his own pen and ink drawings came from his walks and experiences in nature.  This is a "keeper" and will go in my "keeper" bookcase.
This is  my next non-fiction that I'll be starting tonight.  It's a pioneer woman's journal.  I love these types of books.  This is a library book.

I made 15 bean soup yesterday...I love this picture of all the different beans while they're soaking...... 
 Here's the 15 bean soup package.......it might be a Southern product but I'm not sure.  It's very frugal and very tasty.  I always add a ham bone or ham meat to it and serve it with cornbread.
I found that an empty Coffee-mate container is great for sprinkling ice melt. The lid screws on and off for filling.....
and the pop-top is great for the sprinkling.
Well, time for some of that soup and then an evening of watching the Olympics.  Stay warm and safe!
Happy Trails!


  1. What cute little feetsies! And books I would be interested in, too! Enjoy your evening...stay warm my friend!

  2. I love mysteries and one with recipes sounds fun.

  3. I use the same soup type of soup beans, but throw out the flavor packet. I do think the bone gives it enough flavor too.


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