Wednesday, January 15, 2014

More things from the heart..............

More eye candy from Pinterest "pinners"!  I love these mason jars and these might be my pick for home decoration this year...what do you think?

 The felted hearts are both from Purl Soho
 The ones below have little pockets where you could tuck in a bag of tea or some lip gloss....something small.  Candy or those message hearts.  I'm going with the tea myself.  The puffy ones would look nice as ornaments on a Valentine tree with some pink, white and red lights!  Oh yeah!  You know me and lights...the more the better!
 Now these hearts are more meaningful.  These were done by some children whose mother let them string a heart each time they did something kind for someone else.....I thought that was a wonderful way to teach them the meaning of the day and also to speed up their kindness AND the decorating! LOL!  
 I love this vintage valentine wreath....I want to make this if my printer ink holds out
 Oh, Helen Philipps made the heart below with with all her cute embellishments and a sweet little paper sewn gift package.
 These are a hoot!  And I saw the sticks for them at Walmart today in all different colors and designs.  I think they're by least that's the section they were in.  Too cute!
 Last but not least I found this wonderful site through Melody over at House on the Side of the Hill
 It is The Little Stitcher and she has some beautiful cross stitch kits and several free patterns also.  What I love about her site and her patterns are they are small!  Thus, the name, The Little Stitcher
.But beyond that, there's a history and story to each of her needle artistry projects.  I am definitely going to be patronizing this amazing woman who puts words to the pictures and feelings to the handwork.  Here are a few of her free patterns.  Lovely little items that would make lovely gifts any time of year.

Melody stitched this one with just the words and the cup of tea and then slipped a bag of tea inside....take a look over on her website to see how cute hers turned out....she used different colors and it is just precious.

These could be used for any number of applications but if you use them please stop by and thank her.

Well, I need to wrap up my choices by tomorrow.....have you picked anything out?  Please share with me what you are doing to celebrate Valentine's Day.
  Happy Trails......."til we meet again".


  1. You can find so many wonderful ideas on pinterest! I've been making a few little hearts and it's addictive. Love everything Helen P. makes! And I wish I could still do cross beautiful! Hugs!

  2. I love that you love The Little Stitcher too. It is a fabulous place to vist

  3. What a lovely selection of items. Thanks for sharing some great ideas. Xx

  4. I don't use pinterest. It can make my own list of projects overwhelming. I do keep a crafting journal, and use library books for ideas. I simply scan them and keep them until I use them or not, then delete. The library stays in business too. I think I will embroider some note cards with hearts this season, to gift later.

  5. Thank you for all of your Valentine Inspirations!
    It makes me want to get started right away.

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  7. Cute, and inspiring projects!
    Did you see the cute mason jars wrapped with doilies and a cut out heart on them? It was on Pinterest too.
    I think that will be the Valentines décor that makes it into our home :)

    Missed you... hope all is well.

    Your friend...

  8. Thanks for sharing all these great projects. I'm always on the lookout for small stitchings to do. Best wishes, Tammy


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