Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Nitty is having surgery, pondering projects and staying busy

Yesterday I took Nitty back to the vet as her nipple is still seeping and she's still scratching and licking it.  She finished her antibiotics last week so I was worried as to what he would say and it was the "S" word.  I keep praying it will heal and she will too.  Maybe a miracle by Friday?  I've lost 2 dogs and a horse that went into surgery and never came out so I'm a little nervous around doctors/vets etc.  Plus, the cost after an already expensive month.  But I would do anything for the Nit girl and this way there will be a biopsy and we'll  know if it's cancer or not.  He still doesn't think it is and I'm praying it isn't also but I've had 2 Rottweilers that have had cancer and died from it so it's 50/50.
Please say a prayer for her if you can find it in your heart and busy schedule.
  Meanwhile, in order to keep my mind off of it and not worry about something that hopefully will not even come to pass.....I went on the internet searching for Valentine's Day projects.  Nothing can get a girl's mind off her troubles more than a little "shopping around" on the internet.  I shop for inspiration which is pretty much free unless there are supplies involved.  Here's what I've found so far.....
A sweet (pun intended) label for some treat bags for the grands........
and some treats to put in those bags........
of course there must be cards........
some decorations for the house

Not sure I have time to make this into anything this year but I love these squares with the different colored hearts so this will be my Valentine's gift to me...a little sweet for the sweet. LOL!  The pattern for this is on Ravelry and in my "favs".  My Ravelry id is Saminar.
 these look quick to stitch up for a little gift............ 
 If you're interested in any of these projects and more please check out my Pinterest account.  I checked these out to ensure there were directions as many are "dead ends".  Please give credit to the creators of these treasures.....I'm only leading you to them.  I need to figure out how to put a button/widget on here for Pinterest and Ravelry.  If anyone knows please share.  My id is Saminar or Sandra Licher....either one should get you there.  Most of my ideas here are for things that are lightweight and will ship easily but if your "valentines" are close by then you have more options.  I'll be posting more and let you know when I pick my final projects by the end of this week.  Please let me know if you're going to make any of these.  The day of love (and kindness, which should be every day IMHO) is a month from today!  We must all get busy spreading the LOVE! 
Happy Trails...........


  1. Those squares with the heart in the center are gorgeous! I'm put some Valentines on a cord but I need to get more creative like you and add some hearts! Hugs!

  2. I've got to get started with Valentines- I always do treat bags for all of my grands, and Feb 14th is sneaking up on me! I wish I could be more creative.

  3. You certainly gave us Valentines Day groupies some wonderful eye candy of ideas! Have to admit I skipped over the food ideas... I'd rather craft than bake! Love the garland... and the crocheted hearts... oh so cute! I think you should treat yourself to several of those!
    Will keep Nitty in my prayers. Our pets are family!

  4. Poor Nitty a bad boob..I certainly will say a prayer for her, God loves animals too! You just take a deep breath now and we will keep our fingers and everything else crossed for the breast..ah best! :)

  5. Poor Nitty. I will be thinking of you both xx


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