Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I think I'm probably working on the same things as last week....with some progress but not much!  I have made progress outside though and in my garage but you probably don't want to see that! LOL!
 Here's the Ball Band dishcloth which is actually on it's 3rd go-around.  I had an awful time with the stitches sliding off the steel needles and now I know why I had so much trouble with my first pair of socks too!  I like wood and sticks not cord if I can help it.  But slippery steel is what I have so I just have to be careful.  I just finished the 2nd repeat of the 12 row repeat the 12 row pattern 5 times and then repeat rows 1-8 to finish.  Sounds like a big washcloth to me!  I have to pay attention on this one so I'm listening to classical music, Grieg in particular....just right for knitting.  BTW, for those of you who heard my question about joining....seems I was doing a slip knot all along but didn't realize it!  Duh!
 I'm also working on my grandson's quilted grow chart....28 of these so far and adding another red strip on another side tonight...maybe, we'll see.  I'm thinking after a nice bath and some "din-din" I'll be ready for bed!  I worked up a sweat outside today and yesterday I mowed....I need to clone myself.

I hope you had a great day and Mother Nature was kind to you!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Monday Book Report

I'm still reading this book.  I'm a little more than halfway through it.  I've never read this author but so far it is very well-written and an unusual story that really keeps you interested.  She a very gifted writer!

This book is not one you can read for hours on end as it is so full of valuable information.  I highly recommend this book if you are thinking of selling your "wares" on the internet or to retailers or starting your own business of any kind.  I've read a lot of these types of books but so far this one is the best!  I'm using my highlighter quite a bit!

I went to the library as my "books to read" list was getting fairly long and I didn't want to buy them if I didn't have to but as usual I was disappointed.  From more than a page long list they had one!  So, I got it but have barely started reading it.  It was recommended by someone but I can't remember who or where.  I think it was the author more than the book itself as she has written several.

 I think it won the Pulitzer Prize for literature once upon a time so we'll see if I agree.  LOL!  Sometimes I find that greatly acclaimed literature can be rather "dark" and that is not what I care to read.  I'll let you know!
I think I mentioned that I also have 1 magazine I read each evening so that I stay on top of them.  I finished my O magazine for June and when I'm done I take a magic marker and write "read" on the cover so I know.  I also highlight while I'm reading and then when I finish the magazine I go back through it and check the websites, recipes and add books to my list....whatever I highlighted that I want to remember or save.  Then I can put it in the "free" bin at the library and share it with others.
That's it for this week.  I haven't blogged or even visited all week between storms, getting new insurance and trying to stay on top of outside and inside it's been pretty busy!  I'll try and catch  up with you all this week!  Hope you all stayed safe and dry during the hectic weather across the nation.