Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WIP Wednesday

I think I'm probably working on the same things as last week....with some progress but not much!  I have made progress outside though and in my garage but you probably don't want to see that! LOL!
 Here's the Ball Band dishcloth which is actually on it's 3rd go-around.  I had an awful time with the stitches sliding off the steel needles and now I know why I had so much trouble with my first pair of socks too!  I like wood and sticks not cord if I can help it.  But slippery steel is what I have so I just have to be careful.  I just finished the 2nd repeat of the 12 row repeat the 12 row pattern 5 times and then repeat rows 1-8 to finish.  Sounds like a big washcloth to me!  I have to pay attention on this one so I'm listening to classical music, Grieg in particular....just right for knitting.  BTW, for those of you who heard my question about joining....seems I was doing a slip knot all along but didn't realize it!  Duh!
 I'm also working on my grandson's quilted grow chart....28 of these so far and adding another red strip on another side tonight...maybe, we'll see.  I'm thinking after a nice bath and some "din-din" I'll be ready for bed!  I worked up a sweat outside today and yesterday I mowed....I need to clone myself.

I hope you had a great day and Mother Nature was kind to you!


  1. Oh, mother nature is being very kind to us! We are having our first sunny,dry, warm streak since the first week of May! My husband and I actually feel motivated to start walking in the evenings again. I also find it interesting how everyone has such different preferences with their knitting tools--I am totally a steel Adi girl with cables!
    Your dishcloth is looking so pretty--I adore red and white together.
    I hope old mother nature leaves you alone for a while and hope you are making progress towards your goal of moving. The growth quilt is adorable and such a treasure to gift away.

  2. That's a very interesting dishcloth pattern, love the combination of the red and white yarn together........very pretty.

  3. Mother Nature is absolutely loving us this week, the weather is fab !!! Posting today about a trip we took yesterday so check in for that. Love the ballband, that was one of my favourite cloths to knit and I love that you've it done in red and white, two of my all time favourite colour combos, well really anything with red in it is ;)
    I don't like to knit or even crochet with steel needles. I love wood and bamboo to knit with and most of my needles and hooks are that. I've had to build up my supply slowly though as over here they are not as cheap. Love how the quilt is coming along, it's going to look great when done. Glad the gardening is moving along but it really does eat into crafting time doesn't it.

  4. Those washcloths are fantastic...sorry about the needles..

  5. The washcloth looks difficult to me. Of course, I don't knit. And usually work on projects that don't require too much concentration on my part. Sadly, haven't been doing a whole lot of crochet lately. And despite the heat, I am still getting out there to walk every day. I wish I had a yard to work in. Gardening is great exercise. Have a wonderful weekend. Tammy

  6. Gosh you sound busy, and suddenly with the good weather and all the outside jobs it brings we seem to get busier don't we.


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