Monday, December 2, 2013

A Happy Thanksgiving and a Happy Grandma!

     I had the best Thanksgiving ever!  Two of my sons came down with one of my grandchildren and we had a ball!  Not only was the dinner fantastic but I had bought a farm raised turkey...cage free, drug free and totally natural and it was the best turkey we have ever had!  Moist, flavorful and tender....I will never buy anything else from now on.
 I haven't laughed that hard since the boys were little and now the grand boy makes me laugh too.  I hope all of you had a great Thanksgiving.  We lucked out with the weather for their travels and when they got here we had a warm the 60's every day so we took walks in the woods and down to the lake. 

 They brought me flowers and a box of Demett's Turtles and took me out to dinner too!  I could get spoiled.  When they were little I always got a box of turtles from the kids for Christmas but by the time I would go to have some they would all be gone! LOL!  It's a standing joke now. 
We had a "bucket list" for Thanksgiving.  1) Take a walk to the lake and over to Benjamin's Creek which is my son's name and my grandson's middle name.  2) Work on a school project of cutting out construction paper in the shape of a big gingerbread man and decorating it and 3) make chocolate chip cookies together.     The above picture was us making the cookies and we found a heart shaped one.  We got everything done on the list but many of the pictures were taken on my son's camera's and I didn't get a copy before they left.  They said they'll email them when they get them uploaded.
 This is the "baby" in the son Jim.

 and this is the grandboy breaking sticks for grandma's kindling while his Dad tries to wake up! LOL!  He usually works nights so it was hard for him to adjust to being "awake" during the day time but he managed. 

 I spent today catching up, stripping linens and doing laundry and smiling when I thought about the wonderful time we all had together.  TTYL!
P.S. Tomorrow I will be posting THE BEST SOUP RECIPE EVER!!!!  So stop by....I'll try and have it up earlier too.  Have a great evening.  Oh, and did you notice...I FINALLY got my winter banner up.  I had to learn to use Pic Monkey as my banners from Picasa wouldn't work.  It's always something!  Enjoy your evening!


  1. Sounds like you all had a grand time.

  2. What a lovely time you had with your boys! It sounds like such fun, and lovely to spend time making things with your young grandson. i'm glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving and are a happy grandma ......such a nice picture of you there! Wishing you a happy December too, Sam :)
    Helen x

  3. So glad you go to spend with with your boys! It looks like everyone had a great time, especially grandma.


  4. Sam
    So glad your boys made it to celebrate Thanksgiving with you!
    Your g'son is so cute. He won't forget his fun with his g'ma:>)

  5. It sounds like you have a wonderful time....its what this time of year is all about! Its lovely to get out walking with the ones you love, I love being out with my family. I bet your grandson and sons had a great time,you deserved to be spoilt, and I bet they enjoyed doing it.

    Well done on your Christmas banner, that's another thing on my list!

  6. PicMonkey is so easy to work with. I use it for all my collages.

    So nice to see hear and see that you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your boys. Best wishes, Tammy

  7. Hey!!! I am not lost!! It looks like you had a lovely Thanksgiving! Glad to see you are well!!!! Hugs!

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