Friday, December 6, 2013

Cleon down and Dion to go

 I did a little decorating before the storm came.  Yes, decorating outside when it is 67 degrees is much nicer than 22 degrees which it is right now!
 I have some sleds I wanted to decorate and put out but I was in a hurry so this is it for right now.
 Remember that bench which used to be brown?  I painted it "Buttermilk" which I like better.  Same color as the door the wreath is on.  I made my own chalk paint for it and also painted another coat on the front door.
I made turkey carcass soup last night and boy it almost went over the edge of the pot and it's a big pot!  I'll post the recipe tomorrow.
 I did lose power sometime in the night but it must have come back on because it was nice and toasty warm this morning when I got up.  Thank you Lord!  It changed from freezing rain yesterday, to sleet last night and this morning and then at 6:00 this morning it changed to snow and it's been snowing ever since!
 The birds were all congregating in my Bradford pear tree and flapping their wings to keep the snow from accumulating on them. 
 Grace was pretty interested in all that bird action.............
 I think these are robins that were coming South for the Winter but boy did they get a surprise!

 I haven't gone out as there is ice under the snow and I haven't seen a car go by all day.

 I'd like to decorate this beauty for Christmas but it belongs to my neighbor! LOL!  What a perfect Christmas tree for the birds and animals.
 My decorations look so much prettier with a layer of snow on them don't you think?

 I took all these pictures through the windows...I was surprised they turned out as good as they did.  Some might be "card-worthy". 
 Before I forget!  There is a free beginner's quilting class on Craftsy today.  Not sure for how long but I signed up and got in.  I've quilted before but if I don't do it for awhile I forget some of the basics so this is nice to always have to refer to.  You might want to check it out.  They often have free and/or discounted classes in all kinds of crafts.  What I like is it's always available (like forever) and you can take it when you want to.  They have excellent and qualified instructors too and you can ask questions.  There's a Susan Anderson class on her knitted "itty-bitty" toys I'd like to take too and so much more!
Well, I'm off to make some oatmeal cookies which I didn't get done last night.  I hope the power stays on through the next storm too and I hope the thousand's that lost power get it back real soon!  It's cold out there!  I also pray everyone get's home safe and sound as the driving is treacherous. TTYL!


  1. I'm glad you got through the storm and your power is back on. I enjoyed your photos of the birds and the snowy trees. Your decorations look wonderful. Your cat is clever to watch the birds from the warmth of indoors! Xx

  2. Our cats are watching the birds outside too. Hope your power stays on.

  3. Sure hope everyone who could just stayed home and didn't try to get out and about. Those poor little birdies. Sure is amazing that they can survive through the cold like that. I bet that little robin did get a shock. Brrrr! Your decorations are lovely. Stay warm and cozy! Tammy

  4. The weather has been so bad in places where I have family. I hope everyone is safe and that you get to stay inside and warm. The photos tell it all! I went and signed up for that Craftsy beginner quilting class. I would love to learn. Thanks for mentioning it! Sweet hugs!

  5. Wow! That weather. We are having such a mild time in the South West of the Uk. I still have roses flowering in the garden! Thank you for making me feel really Christmassy. Best wishes for the festive season and 2914.
    Kindest Regards Linda

  6. That's a lot of snow for down South! Beautiful!
    I like what you did with your bench-so pretty.

  7. Love your pictures. It's great that you could take them from inside :)

    Your turkey soup looks tasty too.

    Keep warm, and stay safe.

    p.s. you inspired me to buy some new oil for my oil lanterns... just in case we lose power too.
    We're all set now.

  8. Gosh, I can't get over how quickly your temps plummeted...I'm glad you are safe and warm inside, it sounds from your previous post like you have things organised your snowy pics....bbbbrrrr!


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