Sunday, May 26, 2013

YOP Update

Happy Memorial Day weekend!  I have no idea where this day went...well, in a way I neighbors are moving and left today and there were people everywhere and noise and a visiting dog running around that was driving my girls crazy!  They finally left and things quieted down here but there was a lot of running to the door, watching them closer than usual when they were outside etc.  Anyway, before I knew it, it was 5:00 p.m. and now it's after 6:00!  So, without further ado............

Okay, this isn't on my YOP list for this year but there will be plenty of them on next year's list!  Wash cloths!
I just finished one and now I'm trying another pattern from the Mason-Dixon Knitting gals.  It's the Ball Band pattern and it's almost like magic as it makes it look like you've woven the strips of color.  They say to use a slip stitch to join colors but I'm not sure what that is so I tie a knot that wrong?   Anyway, I'm loving how it's turning out and also these "smaller" projects! LOL! 

This is a YOP 2012-2013 project...remember my crocheted edging I wanted to do?  Well, I finally ordered some fabric and I washed it and ironed it and now need to make pillowcases and THEN I will crochet edging on them.  The 2 fabrics on the left are the main fabric with the 2 on the right being the cuff.  I'm making 2 sets. 

Here are some yarns I laid out just to see what  might look good as an edging.  I haven't decided yet so you can vote! LOL!   
And yes, I am still working on the I-cord.....I have 13 feet of the 27 now....halfway there pretty much.  I thought I was further along but then realized I was stretching it when I was measuring.  What's that old saying?  Cheaters never prosper?  So true!
 This isn't a YOP project either but it's an excuse as to why I don't get more YOP stuff done! LOL!  I have a grandson who's birthday is in July....actually 3 who have birthdays in July!  I made one of these for one of them and now I'm making this for another.  It's a quilted grow chart with a panel in the middle.  You can sort of see it on the right side there.  The first one I made took forever to have machine quilted so I will be quilting this one myself when it's done.  Plus, it will save a lot of money but I best hurry it up as July will be here before I know it!
I hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!  I mowed Friday, I have flags out stuck in my flower pots and on the porch and hotdogs, beans and buns for tomorrow and another side dish I haven't decide on yet plus a dessert.  I better go eat supper....I'm making myself hungry!  I'll be by eventually!


  1. Love the growth chart, but if the hand-quilting were up to me it'd never get done! I just love sending things out for machine quilting and then seeing them back again transformed like magic!

    No advice on the edging colours - I like them all. I just finished some pillowcases for around here. It's so fun to use brightly patterned quilting cottons in pillowcases. It really transforms the room!

  2. Just youtube "slip stitch to join color" and choose one of the vids to learn. I think it makes for a smoother join. Are you bored with your I cord, 13 feet is pretty dang good (with or without the cheating!)

  3. Your beautiful work always amazes me! Those growth charts will be priceless!

  4. I love to read your updates. We too have a flag out and ready for a cookout.

  5. Hi Sam-
    What a precious gift for your grandson--something to be treasure for sure! As far as your edging yarns go, I like them all and really love your fabrics--how summery will those look on your bed when you are done?! I have made tons of pillowcase for my kids over the years, and a few for my husband and me--but haven't made any in a while. You are inspiring me! We had our cook out with friends last night and everything was yum! Today we are going to the new Star Trek movie and having pasta for dinner. Enjoy your day!

  6. Hi Sam!

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog and thanks for the insight about being a left-handed knitter! I haven't actually had my daughter knit on her own from the start to finish of a stitch, but she wasn't frustrated with each step that she did independently so thanks for pointing that out - it is a good sign that I'm not messing her up for life! ;)

    The Ball Band pattern is my very favorite although I'm not sure my pattern reads the same since I just join the new color by starting to knit a row with it and have never seen anything contrary to that in the pattern I use! It is so fun to see the way the different colors knit up - I often use a variegated yarn for the body and a solid colored yarn for the stitches you slip up and it is so fun!
    I love all your projects, it sounds like a fun weekend!


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