Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring fever has me in it's grips!!!!

I haven't even posted I have been so busy!  Doing what you ask?  Finally doing some much needed cleaning, and clearing the old stale Winter air out of the house!  Plus, if I want to get my house up for sale I had better "get a move on"!   It's been cool then warm then cool again but I am getting stuff done so when it is finally, REALLY Spring...I can run outside and stay there (I have landscaping to get a handle on before selling house also)!  But here's one little cardboard box that had all my picture hanging paraphernalia in it got dumped and pitched.  No more cardboard boxes...all plastic with lids now!
Above is the BEFORE  and below is guessed it.........AFTER
A couple things wouldn't fit in but they'll be we are,  all ready to label and neatly tuck away on a shelf in the closet and hope I remember where the next time I need this stuff! LOL!
Before I go into MAJOR cleaning mode I ensure I have plenty of food to carry me through so I don't collapse from starvation or no sugar in my bloodstream.  So.........I thought homemade pecan rolls would be hardy fare!
And how about a nice lemon and rosemary roast chicken to carry me through the next week...........

The dark part in the rosemary which was mixed with salt and lemon rind and rubbed on the chicken which had been rubbed with olive good!  I think Nigella Lawson once stated that after being away from home she would come in the house and immediately put a chicken in the oven to roast.   She said until she smelled the chicken roasting she didn't really feel like she was home yet.  I paired this with some brussle all time favorite vegetable and some chopped up roasted potatoes with the skin left on.  I always wash all my vegetables when I get them home from the store and then when I go to use them they're the potatoes.  I just chop them up into chunks, throw them in a pan with some olive oil and seasonings of choice, toss them together and throw them into the oven with the chicken....easy peasy!  The brussle sprouts were frozen so into a pan, cover with water, bring to a boil and cook for 3 minutes although probably longer as I like mine mushy so I can mash them like potatoes.  The chicken also had a sliced lemon inside of it with fresh rosemary sprigs in case you were wondering.  Wonderfully simple, delicious meal I can enjoy for days to come when I'm exhausted from too much cleaning! LOL!
The weather people said there was a comet in the Western sky to look for at about sunset so out I went and look what I saw!  Was it a jet stream or a comet?  It was the only one out there so I'm taking it as the comet!  It's my story and my picture.  Oh, it's the little pink streak in the sky there, in case you were wondering.
I finished a book too although actually I've been staying up later with "projects" and falling into bed so tired I haven't been reading as much.
Knit Lit is a compilation of knitting essays that ran the gamut from wise old knitters to young ones to people that didn't even knit but wrote about knitters they knew and loved.  Great writing and I'm hoping there is more "Knit Lit" out there!  This will count as one of my book club reads but I am behind in every group I belong too so who's counting?
Oh, did you ask about Maggie, my little bunny girl?  I have done gal who got a kit the same time I did has her "practice" one done and is now working on her "kit" one....not a bad idea as the Liberty fabric in the kit is too pretty to mess up!  But I did get a little done....very little..........I copied and cut out the patterns! LOL!
Actually, I have cut her out too but I didn't take a picture of that. 
 My ask me about my sock knitting?  Well, I was almost done with the second sock of the second pair when I needed to measure.  I tried the first one on and it was too small!!!!  Dang!  Then I couldn't find my knitting counter and tape fact I couldn't find ANY tape measure in the house and I know I have at least 3!!!  Finally, I found it several days later and then I couldn't find the pattern!  AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!  But...this is what happens when I clean and organize....I should be used to it....I cannot find anything!  Why do I torture myself this way by cleaning I ask you!?!?!?  Because I want to sell my house and move to my final resting place where I can relax and never clean again.  Did I just say that?  Now there's some major motivation!  LOL!  Actually, I love a clean, well-organized and decorated home....I've just never had one! LOL!  TTYL!  Hugs to all!  


  1. Sam, you are absolutely hilarious! Our weather has been a bit back and forth here, too, but definitely warming up as we've already hit near 90s in the afternoon. Ugh! I did a 4-1/2 hour cleaning spree the other afternoon after coming home from a full day of school and boy does that put me in a foul mood. That's only surface cleaning and I didn't even get to the tv room which is where we sit most of the time. I worked last night because of parent conferences and didn't get home until after 9 p.m. but at least today is a short day and then it is the weekend. Woohoo! Hope you found your pattern -- I always do stuff like that. Find one thing, lose another. It's a constant battle. Have a great day. Tammy

  2. I love to have good food when I am decluttering, organizing and such.

  3. I love how you write, make me LOL! I know what you mean about tidying up and trying to be organised and then losing happens to me all the time! Your knitting book looks interesting, and your pecan rolls look yummy...just what you need to keep going with all that cleaning...well done :)
    Hope you have a happy weekend!
    Helen x


  4. Hi Sam,
    So cold here this week, I would love to have spring fever. Went to the bookstore instead.
    Where are you moving to? Next door to me so I don't have to cook anymore I hope.
    Nancy JO

  5. All the food looks so good! Spring Cleaning does make you hungry! I like to have things in their proper place too..if I can remember where that is..:)

  6. Spring must be in the air somewhere--but not where I am as it is downright cold today--very cold wintry wind that just takes one's breath away. I did feel the need yesterday to clean of some bookshelves and filled two grocery bags full of books that I feel I will NEVER read--they have been there for several years and are constantly being passed over for new better books that I keep finding. It felt good to purge that little bit--and now I have room for the crockpot which was homeless. (these shelves are in my laundry room)
    I know you live in Arkansas now, but am wondering where you want to move to? Are you moving closer to family? I hope your dream comes true and you will get to move as soon as possible.
    I thought I would tell you that after seeing your chicken, I have changed my menu for tomorrow and will be using your recipe to throw a chicken in my crockpot instead. :)
    Thanks for such a fun post to read--


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