Thursday, February 7, 2013

KAL Update

I was off again today to pick up more Hill Science Diet dog food that came in for my sick Nitty girl.  I was going to go tomorrow until they informed me they would be closed!  So, here I am at the last minute updating.....

This is the first sock of my second pair and going along well.  The gusset is done and I just have a few more inches of knitting to do before the toe...I have BIG feet!  I did want to ask if any of you have stitch markers that you recommend?  I have tried several but if I'm not careful they leave a space in my knitting.  Is that true of all markers and do I just have to be more careful or are there some that don't do that?  

I also had to make a lemon cake as my sweet tooth has been aching like crazy!  So, tonight I'll be cuddled up in bed with my knitting, a rainy night, some orange spice tea, some lemon cake and Grey's Anatomy!  OH!!!!  Major progress.....I've been able to knit and watch the telly!  I am SO HAPPY!
I'll post the recipe tomorrow, I finally found my Nigella Lawson cookbook....PTL!  This is my favorite cake with scrumptious!  It's an English staple but now it's a staple in my house in AR! LOL!
I 'll catch up with you all tomorrow as now I have to go make some supper!  Have a great evening!


  1. The lemon cake looks delicious! I'm a new reader and follower to your blog and maybe I missed a post. Whats wrong with your pup?

  2. Yummmmy! That looks lovely.

    As for the stitch marker question, I am quite fussy with markers. My favourite are the plain ones ( I use RingOs from Fripperies & Bibelots) as there is nothing to dangle and get stuck in the knitting - I don't notice any gap where they have been used.....?

    Remember you can link to this post on my KAL blog post from yesterday - should help more people find your blog if they are not already following.

    Have a lovely weekend


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