Tuesday, January 15, 2013

We had snow today!!!!!

 Yep...once again and the town up North where I am from was warmer and sunny.....go figure!?!?
Yesterday was laundry and ironing..........

I started my blackberry salad blanket/throw......oh, look at the heart!  I didn't notice that until I downloaded the picture....honest!

And lo and behold my Gerbera Daisy is blooming in the house!  I drag all my annuals in every year and try and keep them alive...I know...why?  It's probably cruel but I can't help myself....I have a hard time letting go!  LOL!  So, I place them in a sunny window and look at that gorgeous flower!  Plus, there are more buds! 

I finished a funny, funny book by Garrison Keillor.....Leaving Home.   I loved reading it because I always read before going to sleep and I swear I went to sleep smiling every night I read it!  I laughed out loud many times and the girls looked at me as if to say "settle down, it's bedtime". LOL!  Each chapter is from his Prairie Home Companion radio broadcasts specifically his stories about his hometown (fictional?), Lake Woebegone in Minnesota.   I used to listen to him every Saturday night on the radio when I was up North.
Sorry for the lousy picture...it has a pretty dust jacket but do you think I could find it for the picture?  I take them off when I read the book.
Today was pay bills and I made bread and a big pot of rutabaga and turnips for supper to go with the rest of the corned beef I have.  I had more pictures to take and then the camera batteries went dead and of course i haven't used my battery charger yet so I'm out for now!
I've got a nice fire going in the fireplace and plan on watching a PBS special and doing some crocheting.  I need to learn the new "bobble" stitch (dc5tog) for my throw and one of these days I need to learn how to read crochet charts too as the You Tube videos aren't always specific enough for me.  Wish me luck and I hope you had a wonderfully productive and cozy day whatever you did and where ever you are!  Hugs!


  1. Sam
    I used to listen to Prairie Home Companion every Sunday. I can understand why you were laughing!
    Pretty yarn color you've chosen for your project too!

  2. I think I will seek out that book, it sounds like fun.

  3. That daisy is so pretty.
    What a special winter surprise.

    You certainly are keeping busy.

    Keep warm, and enjoy those wonderful old stories :)


  4. Hi Sam, I think you can keep the snow lol and I'm not really a fan of pay bill days or laundry and ironing days...although they seem to come round so often lol.
    I've been meaning to answer some of your questions..On my sampler its the one colour and runs from the pink through to the red, its really lovely to stitch with. Yes in February we start a new theme, if you click on the theme-a-licious tab on the top of my blog it gives a run down of themes for the coming year. I'm doing book reports really whenever I get the chance, Mondays seem like a good day and I'll probably aim for once a month around the middle of the month. I really love Clive Cussler and have nearly all his books on my book shelves. I'd prefer him over Kathy Reichs, I would really love to sign up for the platinum but housework needs doing here with so many, wouldn't it be bliss to be able to do the platinum and not worry about housework!I think if we all lived next door to our favourite bloggers we would get nothing done. There would be far to much tea and cake and chat going on in my house for any crafting lol.

  5. Once again, you posted an interesting book title. Our snow is all gone now, but it's bitter cold here.

  6. Sam,
    Look at you busy as usual. That book looks like a good one, always looking for something good to read. Can't belive your daisy bloomed, pretty nice for Jan.
    About the cross stitch, Here is a site with beautiful samplers to order. "Country stitching". Just google it, I think its the first one that comes up. I like the Heirloom ones.
    Nancy Jo

  7. So nice to meet you! I found your lovely site while visiting with Tammy this morning. I usually don't browse new sights these days because I can't keep up with my blogging buddies lately but your name caught my eye and I am so glad I came by.
    I read several of your other post and when I came to the post about Grace I could not believe how much she looks like my cat Tinkerbell. Wow they could be twins.
    I too am 64 and can't figure out where the years are going and why so fast.
    Looking forward to getting to know you and I am so glad you told us about this book because I love to read myself to sleep every night.
    Have a nice day

  8. You always have something going on over there. I've not done the bobble stitch. I tend to stick with easy projects I don't have to think about too much. I can't always read patterns but don't really like watching videos. One of these days I guess I'm gonna have to branch out. I will never be a master crocheter, that's for sure. Stay warm and cozy! Tammy


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