Friday, January 18, 2013

Finally! Got some batteries for the camera!

Remember the battery charger I told you I bought from QVC?'s going back!  I charged batteries all day yesterday, twice in fact and they didn't work but 1 minute either time.  They were Energizer's, had only been used once before, I followed the instructions on the charger to a "T" and they charged for like 5 hours, it stated they were fully charged and nada.....they were not!  So, back it goes but meanwhile I had no batteries for my camera so I couldn't take any pictures and what's a blog with out pictures?
Meanwhile, I had baked bread............

made more yogurt...........
This recipe was the "crockpot" variety with a gallon of milk and 3 cups of powdered milk and stated that it was foolproof and turned out just like Greek yogurt WITHOUT straining was thicker than the last recipe but it was NOT Greek style yogurt and there was the added expense of powdered milk.  It tastes good but it's soupy and I don't like soupy so it will have to be strained.  Maybe I should just make cheese and be done with it! LOL!
 I also finished a book that I loved.  It may not be for everyone because I like "outdoor" nature books and violence or sex or horror so some may find my choice of books boring but I truly enjoyed it and had wonderful dreams when I went to sleep!  I also like "older" books and maybe the 2 are connected because I think it's easier to find these "gentle" books in the older generation of books written.  This book was published in 1967...the year I graduated from high school! I pick them up at the thrift store, garage sales and library sales much of the time.  This book is about a young boy being raised by his Grandmother after his parents are killed and covers his entire youth growing up in the wilds of British Columbia.  The author was born in New York but after marriage moved to the Northwest where she raised her family.  She herself loves the outdoors and you can tell by her writing she is very familiar with it.  The story was good and the characters were well developed......I wish there was a sequel!  
I also crocheted another row on my Blackberry Salad blanket.  This is a fun project for sure!   

I'm going to be changing my blog and organizing RECIPES, BOOKS and REVIEWS and I'm going to be adding buttons for all the groups I've joined and a list of all my blogs that I enjoy.  If you have any suggestions let me know and I may be asking some of you how you accomplished those things on your blog! LOL!  Once I get that situated I will be having a drawing...I know, FINALLY!  I was waiting to have 100 followers but I may not live that long! Ha! Ha!  I think I have 97...close enough!  So stay tuned for further developments!  Thank you all for your comments and visits....I so appreciate you all!


  1. Congrats on almost 100 followers. I love your blog. I'll definitely tell my daughter about that book. She LOVES words. Her favorites are A tree grows in brooklyn, The great gatsby, To kill a mockingbird, and shes begging to order Our Town by Thorn Wilder. You are brave to tackle the blog makeover. If it weren't for my teenagers, I probably wouldn't have a blog. I'm not techy at all. Can't wait to see what you do.

  2. I love, love the colors of your blanket. They are so fresh and lively. It's going to be so pretty when you are done. The bread looks good also. Wow, almost 100 followers. You go, girl!!!!

  3. I have not been to a book sale in a long time. I hope to go to one at the end of the month...if we have the extra cash. The bread looks great, and the crochet project looks very interesting.

  4. Mmm home made bread, you can't beat it, looks delicious x

  5. Goodness! You are busy over there with bread and yogurt making and crocheting, too. I like easy reading. Even with movies, no yucky stuff, I don't like horror films at all. Just give me a nice romantic comedy. I want to see and read happy stuff, not blood and gore. Bleh! Take care, Tammy

  6. I love seeing what you've been up to, always something interesting! You bread looks wonderful, you should post the recipe!

  7. I like "gentle" books and the same for shows on TV..violence is not my thing:(
    Your new afghan looks real pretty..that is a good looking stitch:)


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