Saturday, November 24, 2012

Thanksgiving - Episodes 1, 2 & 3

I was planning on starting to cook on Wednesday but unexpected calls and complications derailed those plans.  Not a's just me and the girls so I figured I'd get up early Thursday and hit the kitchen but when I awoke I wasn't feeling great but thought I'd "forge ahead".  I watched the Macy's parade (like I have since I was a child or since they invented t.v.....I'm not sure which came first) and threw the pie together with my homemade pumpkin that I had baked and at the very end threw a can of evaporated milk in.  I forgot to put it on my shopping list but the heavens were with me (or so I thought) as I found a can in the pantry.  I gave the can the usual old-fashioned method of 2 triangular cuts on each side of the top and proceeded to pour it in when I noticed the color didn't look right and some gloppy stuff started coming out of the can.  I looked for an expiration date and it was April 2011!  AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!  I ruined the whole dang pie and the stores were closed here and that will serve me right for not checking and "pitching" out of date items in my pantry!  So, instead I made the mincemeat pie and whipped the whipping cream with sugar and vanilla to go along side of it.  
I went ahead and made the dressing from Robin Mather's book that I've been obsessing about.....The Feast Nearby and evidently didn't look at the amount of servings because this is what I ended up with...........
Robin said to use a large bowl to mix it in....I had to use the bottom of the roasting pan to mix it I had so much!  Evidently it serves 12-14.....I thought she said she was a having Thanksgiving alone?  Evidently not when she made this recipe! LOL! 
I think I also used too much bread but she said 2 time one will suffice for me.  It made several casserole dishes and 3 quart freezer bags full!  I froze all but the small one and prayed I would like it as there was so much of it!
 By that time I was really tired and decided that God was trying to tell me to relax and take it easy so I did.  I watched some football (Iowa State was on but they lost to West Virginia...this day was not going well!) and I knitted.
The neighbors had a "boatload" of company and they brought over a big container filled with everything anyone could want on Thanksgiving Day!  No dessert though but I had that covered!  I poured a nice glass of wine and enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving!  I hope you all did too!
P.S.  Let that be a lesson to you (and especially to me).....clean out your pantry and cupboards and get rid of all expired items! LOL!  Now you know why I don't's dangerous  business!  If you ever get an invite from me, be very afraid!
P.S.P.S.  The mincemeat pie was SO easy and SO delicious!

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving Eve!!!

 Getting ready for the big day!   I am still wanting to be Robin Mather's best friend as her Thanksgiving that she spends by herself in her book, The Feast Nearby is just like I usually have mine.  I'm thinking we were sisters separated at birth!
Above is the prep station and yes, Robin I hate to admit it but I do love me some candied yams with brown susgar and butter and mini-marshmallows on top!  I think it's the only thing we don't agree on though and I just wanted to get that out.  The remainder of my Thanksgiving is just like hers....a free-range turkey with sausage apple dressing, roasted brussel sprouts, oh....24 hour salad (a family tradition although I'm the only "family" in attendance! LOL!), mashed potatoes and gravy, scalloped corn, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie and whipped cream (no CoolWhip in this house!).  I did buy some mincemeat hoping I'd make one of those too but really?  How much can one person eat?  I wish I had some of those individual pie dishes but then it's a big jar of  mincemeat so once opened it doesn't make any difference.  Maybe I'll save it for Christmas.
I bought a little pie pumpkin for .89 and am making my own pumpkin pie filling.  Once you make one from a real pumpkin you'll know why......Libby is good but not like fresh!
  seeds for toasting later......
and the pumpkin all baked and ready to be made into pie........(it's so easy...REALLY!!!)
and apples for the sausage stuffing.
The weather is gorgeous here and the leaves are in their last stages of floating down from the trees but beautiful for a walk in the woods and to work off that dinner tomorrow!
I will enjoy my day with my girls and they'll get some turkey tomorrow for sure, the new member of our family is settling in well with them and vice-versa. 
 Robin states that she enjoys a day of cooking, eating, knitting, reading and some wine.  I'm all set for exactly that....what a treat! 
I hope you all have wonderful plans for a day of "thanksgiving" whether you are surrounded by family or  celebrating solo.  I know I am very grateful for all of you!!!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ravelry YOP Sunday Update

 This is so embarassing.....I haven't accomplished anything lately. I have excuses but I'm sure you don't want to hear them. LOL!  Anyway, I am very happy to announce though that despite the lack of PHYSICAL progress, I have learned a lot!  By the time I finish this pair of socks (still on the first one) I expect I will no longer call myself a novice.  I won't be a great knitter but I will no longer be a beginner either.  I changed colors in the yarn because that poor yellow yarn was getting SO tired of being knitted and frogged and knitted and frogged plus I thought a new color might bring me luck and it did!  Here's my little lonely sock with the cuff done and the heel flap.

I also purchased this book on circular knitting and so far it has been a big help, along with    and my pattern and video tutorial on Learning to Knit Magic Loop Socks that  I purchased from Very Pink    Yes, it takes a "team" to teach me!  But I am learning...albeit, slowly!
 I like the workshop book because it covers all types of circular knitting....dp's too which I still want to learn someday.  The reason the shamrock cow is atop the book is because I have kept it open for so long I couldn't get it to close without a weight on top of it! LOL!
 I also came upon a another pattern I like and downloaded it but can't afford the yarn right now PLUS it is NOT on my YOP list.....what was I thinking????  Tee Hee!  It's from Alicia Paulson who I adore!  I need to check and see if she's on Ravelry!
 This is her new baby's room and I want it too.....not the crib but the beadboard walls and rose covered wallpaper...and of course the blanket in Mama size.
I also found a used copy of her first book which is very inspiring but this happens to be sewing although she is a great knitter and crocheter too.
So, I apologize for not getting more all are so inspiring.  I wonder if anyone will ever say that about me someday? LOL!  Being accountable to this group has helped me stay the course and I am grateful to all of you for what I have learned!  Full steam ahead and thank God for the internet!