Thursday, October 4, 2012

Terrific Thursday! Today I won the Book Lottery!

I finished another book last night.  I seem to remember getting this book quite a while back at one of the book sales at the library.  I've read a few of her Sneaky Pie Brown ( her cat's name) mysteries and they were good but this book was even better!  Of course, I am prejudiced as it was about horses and fox hunting and a private school which all has good memories for me.  I loved this book too because not only was the plot really good but I learned everything I ever wanted to know about Fox Hunting.  It's a great book about animals too as the foxes and hounds talk.  The author is an actual Hunt Master in Virginia thereby she knows her subject very well.  I want to read more of her books...we have a lot in common and she is a great writer!
I've got my white chili cooking in the crock pot.  If it turns out good I'll pass along the recipe...........
I made some Oatmeal crisps (cookies) last night and still have another roll of them in the freezer.  It was nice to have some tea and cookies in bed reading that good mystery last night!
A friend called and dropped off "a whole slew" of books to me today! They are all "cozy mysteries" FAV!!!!!!  There's even a DIY mystery series....I'll be reading that one first!  Plus, she threw in the 4th book in the Magical Knitting series I've been reading so as long as it's here I guess I have to read it.....I was getting "into" those books, I have to admit! LOL! 
And I got all my snowmen ironed onto the blocks and stitched down!  Ta Da!  Moving right along I hope and so far so good.

Yes, those are threads I need to clip still.  thank goodness I didn't have to do these all by hand! Whoa Nellie, that would have REALLY taken forever....I still have "miles to go before I sleep"!
I hope your Thursday was fun and joy-filled and you laughed some and enjoyed all that's special in your life!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Food lottery and quilt block progress!

I won the food lottery today!  Look at all the goodies I snapped up at "reduced" price...........

All these potatoes for .90 cents!!!!!

more potatoes and some onions for $1.09
1 lonely Roma tomato and 4 avocados for .59 cents!!!!
green peppers.......79 cents!
Cauilifower for 79 cents!   Yep!  I won the food lottery today!
I also got all my appliques for the quilt blocks cut out last night.  I could hardly move my fingers when I was done!  LOL!
Tonight is the presidential debate and some cookie baking and hopefully applique placement onto the background material.  I hope you had a great day and wish you a nice calm, relaxing evening

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Oh, I love you...let me count the ways!

Perfect heat needed, no air conditioning needed and no watering outside needed!  A gal couldn't ask for more! LOL!  I am overjoyed and enjoying every minute of it!
Yesterday, I had to pay taxes and do some "running around" but grateful I had the money to pay them and again enjoying the weather.  When I got home I worked outside checking the wood pile and getting wood and kindling into the garage and into the house for when it starts getting cool.  Mostly, it's nice to have a fire in the fireplace when it rains and it's not that cold out but you want to take the chill and the dampness out of the house.
I still need to bring in the fireplace tools and redo the fireplace decor for Fall and Halloween......(upcoming post me thinks!)  I also called the chimney sweep and he'll be here next Monday. 
I received a great catalog in the mail today which I will be perusing tonight when I go to bed........they have beautiful items in this catolog and my daughter even got her wedding dress from them!
I also got my appliques ironed on to the material today so I'll be cutting those out tonight too......
I'll be using one of my hand wovens for the scarf on the snowman applique.  I bought these a while ago and they weren't cheap but they are all fat quarters and finding hand wovens isn't always easy so when I saw this packet from Moda I bit the bullet!  I love them and they remind me of the pioneers.  They're great for "primitive" projects and I vacillate all the time between that style and the British style of bright and cheery florals.....can I combine them?  They're really totally different but I love both styles!  What's a gal to do? 
I hope you had a wonderful Tuesday and are looking forward to a really wonderful Wednesday!  TTYS!  Oh, BTW....the 2 new books I'm reading (1 non-fiction and 1 fiction) are both great so look forward to some book reviews in the near future!  Ta Ta!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday YOP Update..........

I haven't gotten a lot done on anything it seems.  I didn't even post an update last week.  I have been running around "helter skelter" both physically and mentally.  I love Fall but whoa Nellie, I haven't even had time to enjoy it but hopefully I'll get caught up this week and back to a "normal" schedule.  Here's what I have and have not gotten done yet............
THE sock....the one and only so far...little progress and see the "hole"?!?!?!  I'll have to darn them before I even wear them.....but I'll get better...won't I? LOL!  At least I recognize what it's going to be now!
Here's the 2nd potholder for a Christmas present but forget what I said about getting 2 potholders out of one of those Peaches and Creme skeins.....Ha! Ha!  What was I thinking?  I need to go get more now. 
Cross stitch progress at all really.....not even an honorable mention..... the yellow part is all I've done, the rest is preprinted on the fabric! Ha! Ha!  I had to be honest about it lest you think I did all the pretty parts too.  It's going to be a little zippered purse.  It's from the Cath Kidson book Stitch.  The kit came with it.
Below is going to be (say a prayer, please) 10 Snowman blocks for my Quilt Guild exchange October 17th that I almost totally forgot about....see.....I told you it has been "willy nilly" around here....who am I kidding....probably will be this way from now until Christmas! 

Here is my next crochet project.Attic 24 pattern for "pretty birds" start out with circles.............

 and they turn into birds!
and more birds............I love them....but that itsy bitsy circle in pink is all I have done so far........woe is me!
 In my defense....there has been all sorts of things going on to divert my attention....cooler temps which have gotten me going on the outside projects which were impossible to do in the heat this past Summer, football started, new season shows on the telly although after watching some of them I was able to discern that drama is not something I want to watch on t.v. since I've had enough of that in my own life! LOL!  I love a good comedy but they throw in so much sex in everything you'd think they invented it plus it's always women doing the disrobing and making fools of themselves...I had to cover my girl's (dogs) eyes!  I don't have cable but it's probably worse.  I am getting old...can you tell? LOL!  I do like The is closest to anything I can relate to and I love the little guy Brick.  I guess I'll stick to PBS and my Pollyanna state of mind.  So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!  I got a little bit (very little) of stitching done on my applique and that's it for the past 2 weeks....sad I know but I had to be honest.  Look closely in the lower right hand corner and you can see some.
I hope you all got LOTS more accomplished than I did and that your week ahead is filled with progress, great weather, LOTS of laughter and happiness!