Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday YOP Update..........

I haven't gotten a lot done on anything it seems.  I didn't even post an update last week.  I have been running around "helter skelter" both physically and mentally.  I love Fall but whoa Nellie, I haven't even had time to enjoy it but hopefully I'll get caught up this week and back to a "normal" schedule.  Here's what I have and have not gotten done yet............
THE sock....the one and only so far...little progress and see the "hole"?!?!?!  I'll have to darn them before I even wear them.....but I'll get better...won't I? LOL!  At least I recognize what it's going to be now!
Here's the 2nd potholder for a Christmas present but forget what I said about getting 2 potholders out of one of those Peaches and Creme skeins.....Ha! Ha!  What was I thinking?  I need to go get more now. 
Cross stitch progress at all really.....not even an honorable mention..... the yellow part is all I've done, the rest is preprinted on the fabric! Ha! Ha!  I had to be honest about it lest you think I did all the pretty parts too.  It's going to be a little zippered purse.  It's from the Cath Kidson book Stitch.  The kit came with it.
Below is going to be (say a prayer, please) 10 Snowman blocks for my Quilt Guild exchange October 17th that I almost totally forgot about....see.....I told you it has been "willy nilly" around here....who am I kidding....probably will be this way from now until Christmas! 

Here is my next crochet project.Attic 24 pattern for "pretty birds" start out with circles.............

 and they turn into birds!
and more birds............I love them....but that itsy bitsy circle in pink is all I have done so far........woe is me!
 In my defense....there has been all sorts of things going on to divert my attention....cooler temps which have gotten me going on the outside projects which were impossible to do in the heat this past Summer, football started, new season shows on the telly although after watching some of them I was able to discern that drama is not something I want to watch on t.v. since I've had enough of that in my own life! LOL!  I love a good comedy but they throw in so much sex in everything you'd think they invented it plus it's always women doing the disrobing and making fools of themselves...I had to cover my girl's (dogs) eyes!  I don't have cable but it's probably worse.  I am getting old...can you tell? LOL!  I do like The is closest to anything I can relate to and I love the little guy Brick.  I guess I'll stick to PBS and my Pollyanna state of mind.  So, that's my story and I'm sticking to it!  I got a little bit (very little) of stitching done on my applique and that's it for the past 2 weeks....sad I know but I had to be honest.  Look closely in the lower right hand corner and you can see some.
I hope you all got LOTS more accomplished than I did and that your week ahead is filled with progress, great weather, LOTS of laughter and happiness! 


  1. I like The MIddle too, but I think the Dad is my favourite character. He's just such a GUY.

    The birds are cute; can't wait to see one done!

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  3. Will say a prayer you get the snowman quit exchange done and I can understand getting sidetracked and distracted, happens to me quite regular lol. I hope things slow down some and are less helter skelter for you and glad your back I did miss reading what you had been up to.

  4. Great post!

    Love your blog and find you such a good inspiration !!

    I'm an instant follower of you now :)

    Please feel free to check out my blog if you have the time



  5. You have been busy for sure. I've got many projects going on at once as well.

  6. SIA... :>)
    I agree w/u 100% about what is on TV... I too pretty much stick to PBS... we don't even have cable...just good old 'antenne reception' and we still get in planty of channels...
    Now,,,I have to say, I LUV your little crochet chickies pattern,,, wish i were not so crochet challenged! lol!
    I have several X-stitche projects to keep me busy ( I hope) this Winter...
    Happy Autumn to you all.

  7. oops! should have proof read b-4 posting... either I am a very bad speller or... I need new reading glasses... ya, that's it! new glasses! lol!

  8. Emergency action is needed. I'm pouring you a glass of wine and pulling out the otomen for you to put your feet on. Whew......Lots of projects, assign a day to each of them and work on only that project on that day that way you'll have a plan but still be working on multiple fronts at the same time.

  9. Sounds like it has been hard to focus on one project. The birds are so cute - thanks for reminding me about that pattern!

  10. You do have lots of projects on the go. I've lost count of how many unfinished projects I've got around here. I don't watch much on tv except The Today Show and even it gets ridiculous sometimes with all the silly sex stuff and research about stupid things. X Factor is on now so I watch that. Sometimes travel or cooking shows. That's about it. Of course, we don't get all the shows available in the States. Don't think I'm really missing anything. :) thanks for all your catching up comments. Hugs, Tammy

  11. blame the slow down on the change of season's...I do..

  12. Hang in there, Sam. You will get it done. The snowman quilt might be a challenge but I have faith in you. And you do have lots of irons in the fire at the moment. I totally understand. Last month I was feeling overwhelmed about a bunch of stuff, not just crafting and home, but things have worked out and I'm slowly, slowly catching up. I love the sock. You are doing such a great job on it. And the birds are cute. I remember those. Continue to enjoy the weather and try to relax a little bit.

    Sharon (Grammy)

  13. I love your little birds, they look great! And the socks are super cute, no one will notice the hole when it's closed!


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