Sunday, November 18, 2012

Ravelry YOP Sunday Update

 This is so embarassing.....I haven't accomplished anything lately. I have excuses but I'm sure you don't want to hear them. LOL!  Anyway, I am very happy to announce though that despite the lack of PHYSICAL progress, I have learned a lot!  By the time I finish this pair of socks (still on the first one) I expect I will no longer call myself a novice.  I won't be a great knitter but I will no longer be a beginner either.  I changed colors in the yarn because that poor yellow yarn was getting SO tired of being knitted and frogged and knitted and frogged plus I thought a new color might bring me luck and it did!  Here's my little lonely sock with the cuff done and the heel flap.

I also purchased this book on circular knitting and so far it has been a big help, along with    and my pattern and video tutorial on Learning to Knit Magic Loop Socks that  I purchased from Very Pink    Yes, it takes a "team" to teach me!  But I am learning...albeit, slowly!
 I like the workshop book because it covers all types of circular knitting....dp's too which I still want to learn someday.  The reason the shamrock cow is atop the book is because I have kept it open for so long I couldn't get it to close without a weight on top of it! LOL!
 I also came upon a another pattern I like and downloaded it but can't afford the yarn right now PLUS it is NOT on my YOP list.....what was I thinking????  Tee Hee!  It's from Alicia Paulson who I adore!  I need to check and see if she's on Ravelry!
 This is her new baby's room and I want it too.....not the crib but the beadboard walls and rose covered wallpaper...and of course the blanket in Mama size.
I also found a used copy of her first book which is very inspiring but this happens to be sewing although she is a great knitter and crocheter too.
So, I apologize for not getting more all are so inspiring.  I wonder if anyone will ever say that about me someday? LOL!  Being accountable to this group has helped me stay the course and I am grateful to all of you for what I have learned!  Full steam ahead and thank God for the internet!


  1. I can both knit and crochet but I don't do either anymore. I guess I think it takes too long to finish the projects.

  2. I think your doing great on the socks...I think you will learn more from the knitting and frogging than anything else as you know the mechanics of things now and why some things didn't work out. Love the shade of blue you chose and I hope its more lucky for you.
    I'm very very very excited also and this waiting around is not helping lol...terrible to be wishing away time when it is so precious !

  3. You don't have to apologize. Some days I get a few rows done, but that's two rows done.

  4. For the first year of knitting socks, I think I knit, frogged and reknit each sock on average 3X. It gets better :) Nowadays I can usually get the sock I'm imagining on the first or second try.

    Plus, being good at frogging and tinking is very liberating. You can knit fearlessly now, because what's the worst that can happen?!

  5. Persistence pays off. I certainly would have given up. Heck, I tried knitting twice and it just didn't feel right to me at all so I said to heck with it. I'll stick with crochet. Although last night I did start a rug course -- we are weaving a small sample on a loom. Boy oh boy did I need my reading glasses -- I could barely see all those strings. Now I have homework to do before next Sunay -- 5 rows of red and white knots. :) Hope your day is a good one. Tammy

  6. Thanks for the visit and nice comments, both are appreciated. You're ahead of me on the sock gig. It's been on my want to learn list for some time now. Don't think it's going to happen until 2013. Congrats on your learning, that's always cool.

  7. Yeah, thanks for posting again...for me, frogging is a necessity...I have it down to an art!

    Even if nothing gets accomplished for YOP, post just that..and let us get you motivated again!

  8. Learning rocks! Socks are powerhouses of learning too - so many techniques packed into such a tiddly object. Yours will be great :)

  9. Very cute socks, and it sounds like you're learning a new skill, which is definitely progress to me!


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