Friday, November 16, 2012

Oh Happy Days!!!!!

Look what I got in the mail today!!!!!! Oh!  I'm so excited!!!!
I ordered a wool applique ornament kit from Alicia Paulson at Rosy Little Things   I love her needlework and her color sense and her decorating and anything and everything she does...oh yeah....her recipes and cakes too! LOL!  She's an amazing young woman and SO talented!  Hopefully, if I follow the instructions and stitch well it will turn out looking like this..........
She has several ornament kits and you can also just buy the instructions and download them but I wanted the full kit for my first one at least.  Aren't they just precious?  I know I needed another stitching project like a hole in my head but for some reason it seems like when I am the most overwhelmed with unfinished projects there is nothing that motivates me like a new one! LOL!  I'm sure a therapist would have a "hay day" with that one! 
I spent the day paying bills, going through paperwork and clearing off my desk so what a reward I will be enjoying this weekend for all that boring work that doesn't really look like you've done a thing all day!
Did you notice the blanket under the kit?  I snagged this baby from a friend who was on her way to the thrift shop with it!  I took everything off her hands and she didn't have to make the trip! LOL!  I placed it on my bed and love it especially the pattern.

It's throw size but it adds a layer of warmth and color on top of my quilt.  See the divet in the bed.....that's where I "nest" every night! LOL!  I have a feather bed topper and by the end of the week you can see where I've "nested".  I fluff it up every Sunday when I change my sheets and then it is like climbing on top of a cloud again.  I LOVE my feather bed mattress topper!  Here's a bigger view of the pattern which I would like to replicate.  It looks like whoever crocheted this used a variegated yarn for the "flower" and then a rust color for the background and yellow for the borders and more rust for a big outside border.  If anyone has or recognizes this pattern I would appreciate any info on it as I want to make one like it in a different color scheme(s).
Don't forget to stop by tomorrow as I have a BIG little surprise to share with you and I am SO excited about it!  Hope you all are healthy and happy and have wonderful plans for Thanksgiving.  Thanksgiving is my mode every day....just look around you or watch the news and you'll realize how much we all have to thankful for!  Happy Friday!


  1. That throw does look beautiful on your bed! Someone put a lot of work into it too! Your new project looks like fun. I too have more projects lined up than it seems I'll ever finish, but I do enjoy them.

  2. Your ornament project is cute and it makes sense to buy the kit.

  3. That blanket is so pretty. You got a bargain because all that stitching is worth a lot. I love getting new stitchy projects. I went for some thread therapy today and came home with a whole new project. I'm like you, I need another project like I need a hole in the head but sometimes you just have to go with it. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.



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