Friday, October 26, 2012

My bookie came through for me today!

Yep!  She gave me another bag full of books and guess what I found....the 4th book in the DIY series that I was going to order! Yippee!  I did start another book but now I have 2 more of the DIY mysteries to read....I am a happy camper!  Thank you, Sue!!!!!  I have enough books to keep going until Spring and they're all  "cozy mysteries" favorites!
My home is filled with flowers and plants tonight as there is a frost warning!  The first indication that Fall is truly here and Winter is on it's way.....let the coziness begin!

I cut the last of the roses and they were just starting to come back after that burning Summer!  I just can't leave the plants out there to die although most won't make it in the house either but I can't help myself so they're all over the kitchen tonight.............

I hope you had a great Friday and I think I'll be curling up with a good mystery one do I chose????  TTYS!


  1. I see you changed your and are using a bigger template for posting. Looks nice. I wouldn't be able to bring plants in here - so dusty. We actually had a light rain shower today. Our first of the season. But it's still warm and humid. Enjoy the books! Tammy

  2. I love books. Enjoy reading, it sounds like a nice night.


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