Thursday, October 25, 2012

Finished 2 books and going for more!

  This book was PHENOMENAL!  If you want to know how to be "green" in every area of your life either a little bit or a lot...Sophie Uliano can take you there!  This book is fun, well written and contains the most resources and website listings than any book I have ever read.  It is a keeper for sure and a reference book for a green alternative for anything in your domestic life.  One of the things I was most impressed with was the listing of organic makeup, moisturizers and bath products.  I have had problems with a lot of these types of products and she tells you what chemicals you need to steer clear of and how unregulated products are when it comes to dangerous ingredients.  She also lists and explains the recycling numbers on plastic and so much more.  She has a website with much more information and keeps it updated.  It took me a while to read this book as it is packed with so much information I couldn't absorb it all at once but I highly recommend it and I will be sharing some of the websites and products I find helpful.  Sophie is friends with Julia Roberts who wrote the foreword to the book.  Granted, some parts of the book were hard to relate to as these people have money and lots of it!  But for the most part, we all have a vested interest (or should) in protecting our planet and preserving it for the next generation(s).  
 While Gorgeously Green has been my non-fiction book, Jennie Bentley's DIY murder mysteries have been my fiction choice.  This is the 3rd book in the series and they just get better and better.  Her plots are really good and keep your attention.  I went to read the 4th book and discovered it was the 5th book!  Oh know how anal I am.....I'll have to order the 4th book before I read the 5th!  Don't worry...I have plenty of other books to read in the mean time! LOL!
Below is the boring, not very interesting or blog worthy  but necessary work I have been doing outside.....
BEFORE removing old white caulk
AFTER but before I have re-caulked with transparent caulk..........
 This is not something I would wish on is boring, hard on my hands and slow going....I use a putty scraper, 2 different screwdrivers and a hammer.   There is no FAST way to do this unless you get a chemical solvent which would not be healthy for me or the environment so I will do it "the old fashioned way".  Persistence is the only thing that will get this job finished and some good old "elbow grease"! LOL!
I hope you are doing more fun-filled projects than I so I can go look at them after my above drudgery is done for the day!  I have miles to go before I sleep or rather days.  TTYS!


  1. Hi ..
    looks like you've found some great reading material.
    That first book sounds so interesting.

    You've been busy removing the caulk, and replacing it... and you did a great job!

    Did you know that Walmart sells gray colored caulk that is just to repair cracks in cement?
    Makes things good as new :)

    Enjoy your night..

  2. Thanks for the tip on the "green" book. I just ordered a copy from the library, but it's a different version. I can't wait to read it.

  3. What Kerin said..I would buy that and just cover the white stuff up! I bet it is slow work to remove it all..but I am sure you are doing a wonderful job! I like your new header!! :)

  4. That first book does sound interesting. We have clear caulking to be done around here so that when the first heavy rain comes we won't have water leaking in around the window frames. I keep reminding hubby he needs to get the job done but he keeps putting it off. He has been warned! :) Have a great day. Tammy


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