Sunday, August 12, 2012

YOP Sunday Update..............

Well, the Olympics are ending tonight and maybe I'll get more done.  I thought I could get a lot of needlework done but I forgot I used up all my multi-tasking abilities when I was younger and now it seems I can only focus on one thing at a time else I mess up! LOL!
I do have an FO..........finally!  My crocheted table runner!
Well...I just got a message from Google that I have used my 1 GB of storage and I have to pay for more.  I went into Picasa and "deleted" a bunch or so I thought
but if I delete too much then there is no blog archive right?  Hmmmm.   I worked on deleting a bunch and kept logging off and back in but it still says I have no storage.  Does anyone know anything about this?  Have you other bloggers paid for storage or how did you manage this "turn of events"?  Until I figure this out I guess there won't be any pictures....sorry.  I hope you're having a better Sunday than I! LOL!
P.S.  I have Google blogspot blogger.


  1. It has something to do with your online albums. I tried deleting at first and then I kept getting the message all the time that I was out of memory. So I bought $20 worth.

  2. Well done on you FO...I just know, even without the picture, that it looks gorgeously cheerful!

    I haven't ad the problem myself, but I know a fewhave given in and bought more space, I believe a few pounds goes a long way?

    I am watching the closing ceremony now.....just amazing!

    Have a good week.x

  3. I recently had to purchase more storage. If you delete pictures in Picasa that have been used on your blog, then you are left with a big black box where the picture should be. I made that mistake the first time I got the message about not having space. So I spent days fixing everything back again. My problem is that lots of photos were duplicated, but it is hard to know which one is used on the blog -- and sometimes there would be triplicates. Very aggravating. But once I got the message the second time, I decided it worth payin $2.95 a month to have more space. I'm sure your tablerunner is lovely. Hope you get the picture situation sorted out. I am off to bed now. Goodnite ! Tammy

  4. I used up my space too. Deleting didn't help. However, we have 3 bloggers in this house too.

  5. Well done on the FO :D

    Do you resize your picture files before posting? I am way off using up all my storage space but all my images are sized down to a max of 600 pixels on either axis. That also provides some protection against copying.

  6. I just enjoy you sharing your day with us, with or without photos!

  7. Oh Sam!! I remember the day I received this news. I didn't blog for a few days and then gave in and bought the bottom level of storage. /sigh.
    Monday night I came home from work and said to Jim "Well, the Olympics are over, what are we going to watch tonight." We sat and watched almost every evening. I hope all is well. Hugs, Jen.

  8. I liked the Olympics too..but I watched in the middle of the night! :( I will have to buy more storage come November..I used to buy it by the year..and I guess that is not a possibility now:(


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