Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Terrific Tuesday! So far so good anyway...........

 The other day when I went to the Dollar store and got my flags I also spied these bowls on sale for $1 each!
Of course I grabbed them up!  I actually needed bowls.
 There are 4; 2 red and 2 green.   That's all they had or I would have bought a few  more!  They all look the same from the outside it's just the inside that's a different color and they are dishwasher and microwave safe and ceramic/pottery.  I love them!  If you like them, go to your local Dollar General store and see if they have them....quick!
 I also got this cannister on sale but it was $5 but it is a cannister with a sealing lid that clamps and of course I love stripes of different colors and dots and color period!  There was only one of these left so I had to grab it! A woman in line asked me where I got those and I had to tell her there were none left.  You can go to other Dollar General stores though and try and find the same thing if your local store is out.  I've done that before. 
 I finally picked some of my hydrangea.  They are all different colors so the soil must be acidic AND alkaline in spots.  I can't remember which is which but if you want blue/purple you add one and if you want the pinker variety you add the other.  You can actually do it all for one bush too as that is all I have.   You place some of one fertilizer on one side of the bush and the other on the other side.  I actually wanted all blue but I like the variety now that I have it and of course I'll be drying them too.
 I bought the plants below a while back and have been meaning to plant them up as I've had this idea for awhile.  They are Mandevilla plants and are an annual but sometimes down here annuals are perennials but we'll see.  They're a flowering vine so I ran some cord from the little tiny trellis that came with the plant and around my outdoor garage lights and back down to the plant.   I took some of the vines and wound them around the cord.
 There's one on each side of my garage door.  You can see the cord if you look closely.  I'll show you pictures as they progress...hopefully and climb up the cord.  I just hope the cord doesn't break!  They're already flowering and I'm experimenting with the green pots as I'm thinking I like the green as an accent color to the orange brick.  I'd even like lime green for my front door! Woo Hoo!  I have experimented with colors on trim and I like the trim dark brown but then I tried tan and orange for some pops of color on doors and it really didn't do anything for me but I am liking lime green!  Those pots aren't exactly lime but they're close!

I had a wonderful Memorial Day and I hope you did too.  I just need to perfect my grilling skills as I don't think I used enough charcoal and it took forever to cook the chicken.  I didn't eat until 9:00 p.m.!  But it was definitely worth the wait and I "rolled" into bed! LOL! I'm not a great cook but I had some great recipes!  Have yourself a "terrific Tuesday" too!


  1. Lovely pictures and the bowls are perfect at this season.


  2. I LOVE those bowls. Boy, you can't beat the price. The canister is great too. Good luck with the mandevilla. I think they are pretty hardy. I do love color. And the great thing about paint is you can change things up on a whim. Have fun! Best wishes, Tammy

  3. Those are great buy. I wish we would get Dollar General around here. I have seen the trucks on the freeway so maybe they will build one soon.

  4. Yep, I think you needed some more charcoal LOL! Love all of your new stripped glassware and love that it is microwave safe! I can't seem to grown hydrangeas here in Orlando...I love them, I guess it is go humid and wet.


  5. Sam
    Hydrangea is my favorite flower!
    I can't grow them in our region-except the snowballs.
    Love your bowls and canister too.

  6. Hi Sam, I love your fun $1 store finds. How can you go wrong with stripes and dots? Your Hydrangea is gorgeous! Jealous here because I have not had alot of luck. I just got a start from a friend and so far it is doing great. I love the Mandavilla. It is an annual here but I love it and the Bouganvilla.

  7. Great find with the bowls. They are so cheerful and such great colors.

    Glad that you had a good Memorial day and that you eventually got to eat..:)

    Hope this is a great week for you !!

  8. Hi Sam,
    Those bowls are pretty, if I needed bowls, which I don't, I would buy them. Very festive.
    Love the Hydrangeas. I had some dried ones a few yeras ago from a craft show, they lasted for a Loooong time.They are kind of hard to grow around here, at least I don't see them in to many lawns.
    You amaze me how busy you keep, makes me look sickly.
    Well off to play ouse some more.
    Nancy Jo

  9. I always love reading your posts! I like the green of the pots and I can't wait to see updates on the climbing! The bowls and canister are fun!


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