Sunday, May 27, 2012

No spin today...prepping for tomorrow..........

I apologize for not having my usual "visiting" day but I am prepping for tomorrow and have more to do today than  my usual light chores on a Sunday.  Am I having company you ask?  No, it's me and the girls but I heard once that you should give yourself what you don't get from others and I have always designed my life that way.  I would invite people over but that would mean I would have to REALLY gussie up the house and I don't have that much energy to entertain like that any more.  But I do make the holidays special for myself as I spend them alone.  So, this Memorial Day I have planned my meal (food is ALWAYS a big part of my celebrations) of barbecued chicken on the grill, potato salad and baked beans with strawberry shortcake for dessert.  I went to the Dollar store yesterday and bought some flags in different sizes and I decorated outside and made the little "vignette" above for my kitchen table.  I will be cooking today and doing some planting and gardening as this was always the weekend I put the garden in up North.  Tomorrow I will have the food ready and will have picked out a new handwork project by then and will plop myself down to watch "marathons" on INSP of all my favorite shows...Wind At My Back and The Walton's and Little House on the Priaire.  It's very hot here so you can really only go out early or late to work outside as there are heat warnings so it's actually a good day to stay inside in the ac.  These marathons are 4 hours straight of each show.  I'm not sure I can sit still for that long but regardless, I never do that, so it will be a special treat for me to just sit and do needlework and/or crochet and watch my favorite shows.  What are your plans for Memorial Day?  


  1. Today was back to school for us. My oldest son has exams this week. And the youngest will start in a couple of days. We don't get heat warnings here -- I guess because it is always so hot so nothing unusual for this environment. You are so right about treating yourself as you would want to be treated. I don't invite a lot of people over either because I hate cleaning. Only my very good friends who don't care what the place looks like are allowed to come by but that doesn't happen anymore as it seems these days that everyone is busy and going in different directions all the time. Enjoy your day! And have fun creating. Best wishes, Tammy

  2. I cannot believe the heat you guys are having. We are unseasonably cool so it should be heading your way. Enjoy your day and your table looks perfect.

  3. Hi Sam, hubby and I are still trying to think of something fun to do tomorrow. We had a family wedding last night so we had to stay in town. We will visit the grave sites today of our loved ones. It's been rainy and cold this holiday so not sure what we'll do. We talked about a short hike. I think it's great that you make things lovely for yourself. It's things like that that makes life so much fun. Enjoy your holiday!

  4. I hope your day is blessed tomorrow. I will be (possibly)taking a herd of children swimming. I probably should cook something fun :)



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