Sunday, May 20, 2012

Let's take a spin on a Sunday afternoon!

I can't wait for you to go with me to visit these new neighbors....OH!  You're going to love them if you don't already know them.  Some are quite famous!
First off is Donna up in BC, Canada (beautiful country!) at Funky Junk Interiors  She has a style all her own and many people love to imitate her.  She's been published, awarded and she lives with her son, dog, and cat in a house that she totally made over herself with "a little help from her friends".  This gal has her own sign business and can definitely wield the power tools!   She's my role model..........take a look.... 
  This is her shed.....I could live there! 

Below are the stairs in her house that she that cool or what?  LOVE!!!!!

Her dresser in her bedroom...amazing talent in so many areas!

She made the table below too..........

Makes you think twice about what's "junk" doesn't it?  She makes it all come together and look gorgeous!   Donna has more on her website and shares so much about how to do things.  If you haven't heard about her yet you need to stop by and see her amazing blog....I only touched on a few areas.  This woman is talented and inspiring!

Next we're going to visit one of my very favorites......Julia at Hooked on Houses  I can spend hours on this site....literally!  If you have a "thing" for houses like I do you have just arrived in house heaven!  There is every type of house imaginable, inside and out, commentary and history, befores and afters.....her blog has it all!!!

Above is Grey Gardens....the original, the one they did for the  movie and other houses that were built to look like it and finally the original fully restored inside and get to see EVERYTHING!  
She has things well organized on her site the Top 20 according to her viewers, celebrity homes, cottages,  before and afters and t.v. and movie homes.  
This is one of my favs...Iris's cottage from the movie Holiday....I've not seen the movie but I love this house and it's fake....LOL!  It's just a front literally........

Below is something I've been thinking of doing to my front closet......

Not exactly like that but I have been thinking of re-purposing it. sit down before I tell you this.....are you sitting down?  Below is a refrigerator door and the items on the shelves are all glued down so you can grab any of them to open the door!  I KNOW!!!!!  Is that not THE COOLEST?????  Almost like a secret passage and speaking of that...I bet Julia's got some of those on her site too.  I have to go back and look now!
 If you're like me and love to drive around at night and look in people's windows to see how they decorate then you will ADORE this blog!  Well, actually I don't drive around at night anymore but that's what we used to do before HGTV came along and pray they left their curtains open! LOL!

Next up on our journey is Sausha of Sweet Pickin's Furniture   You will drool over what she does to furniture and she's not shy about telling you how she does it either even though she's in the business to sell her furniture.  Take a look at this transformation............
A F T E R 

Amazing huh?  I can't believe she has time to blog but I am so glad she does!  
Below are some of the pieces she has in her shop but they go fast so I'm sure it's outdated already....but you can always check her website to see what's available.

She did all of this...the chalkboard door and table below it.....such talent

She also (PTL) found THE perfect shade of yellow ever.....there it is....not too bright, not too pale....just perfect....I can't wait to get some and slap it on something!  Anything!  I love it!  Oh, I told you didn't I that she shares everything too...paint colors, brands, equipment.  She is a talented, kind, giving and AMAZING person! 
Thank you to all my featured guests today who so kindly shared their time, blogs, talent and gifts with all of us and thank you to all who came with today!  Have a serene Sunday!


  1. Creative people... that's for certain!

    The last blog that you mentioned is new to me.
    I need to go check it out!

    Have a great Sunday!

    I'm off to make breakfast for my 'mountain man' son that is home for the weekend :)

  2. Wow! Thanks for the shout-out, Sandra. That's so nice! You made my morning. :-)

  3. Ha, ha, that is just like me to want to nose around other people's houses, I used to buy housey magazines, but found them a bit samey, but I will definitely enjoy looking these sites out, thanks for the links!

    Btw I loved you efforts with your raspberry frosting, other people make it look so simple, but for me it's a total nightmare, my food always tastes good enough, but never looks like the pictures!

  4. I haven't heard of the last two blogs so will definitely have to go visit. That fridge front is amazing! And I love the idea of turning a closet into a useful space. Go for it! My cousin had a closet in her living room that she turned into built in shelves. So much nicer! Time for me to hit the hay. Days just go way too fast, especially when I have to clean. Yuck! And work. Boo! Take care ! Tammy

  5. All great blogs! I've never been to Sweet Pickin's, but I'll pop on over there. Great idea to give us some new blogs to read.

  6. Those red geraniums are perfect. Love all the photos but that is my fave.


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