Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Thrifty Tuesday...........

I spent some time outside on a little project..............

I placed this plant on my broken birdbath but not sure it will stay there....sometimes I have to live with something before I know if I will like it or not.  That happened with my ex's too.  I guess the name "ex" implies how that turned out.  I used my last 2 bags of  mulch so tomorrow I'll go get some more.  I need to gather more rocks too.

 The petunias are filling in nicely...........

I can never remember the name of this plant...I want to say Nicotiana but it isn't but it does start with an "N" and I think the blooms are edible.

I'm sure you were hoping to see the last of my ripple but I decided to put an edging on it.  It's the red and it will create a straight edge all around.  I googled "crocheted ripple edging" and found one.  I printed if off but there was no evidence of the website/blog where I got it.  Sorry about that in case you were looking for a link but I had no trouble finding it so if you're interested I'm sure you won't have a problem either.  You can also email me and I'd be glad to email you the instructions.  It's very easy....it must be as I seem to be able to do it! LOL!

I had to run to our local grocery store for a couple things today and found some thrifty bargains while I was there...............the 3 tomatoes were only 60 cents for all 3!  Woo Hoo!  I was doing a happy dance!
I hope you all had a wonderful Tuesday....it was a gorgeous day here perfect temp and perfect humidity....now for some blueberry and white chocolate waffles...recipe compliments of Michael at Inspired By Charm  

I'll let you know what I thought of them tomorrow but I have high hopes from the picture!


  1. Nice work on the yard outside. You always do such a nice job. That edging for the blanket looks like it's just a going from single to half to double to triple crochet to fill in. I makes the whole blanket look finished! Great job. How much yarn did you wind up using for it?


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