Tuesday, March 6, 2012

In the days before Pinterest...........

Before Pinterest came along I used to make "dream boards" and actually still do especially for things that are very important to me and that I need to be reminded of constantly so that I can keep them in the forefront of my life's priorities.  Below is an example which hangs on my closet door in my bedroom that I see every time I go in there which is definitely multiple times a day. 
Sorry for the "ripples" but it was done with a glue stick which is not the best...and it's been hanging here for a few years now.  I would use ModPodge now and get a bigger piece of cardboard or posterboard.
This is only one segment of my "dreams" but this woman, Pinky was determined to find her home in the country and that is my goal too.  Her decorating was right up my alley especially the kitchen as I do not want the standard cupboards they offer today.  I really want an old kitchen with more furniture than cupboards. 
And she portioned off a corner of her "living room" for a library corner and table and chairs.  I love the colors in that room....orange walls and dark green trim....edgy!  Love it!  But she also dilineated that space and across the room on the other side of the door it's a different color....like teachers separate their classrooms into different activity centers.

The screened in porch above is wonderful and used just like another room when weather permits.  These are all important to me...screened in porch, hardwood floors (no carpeting allowed!),2 story, basement, fireplace or wood burning stove, beautiful views of countryside, ability to see sunrises and sunsets, acreage to raise some animals and garden..........

Above is the bathroom with light streaming in (love big windows with lots of light coming in but cute curtains to pull closed when it's cold or stormy out to make it feel cozy) and a claw foot tub which I've always wanted.  I think my colors would be a bit brighter; I'm not really a pastel kinda gal....bright and bold is more my style, vintage and cottage would best describe me with a little primitive or lodge thrown in for good measure! LOL!  
  So, now that there's Pinterest.....I better get busy making some more "Dream Boards".  If you need an invite to Pinterest just let me know.  Maybe they've changed but when I got into it you had to be invited not because it's a snobby thing but so they could be prepared  for the amount of people logging on without anyone feeling response time issues.  Inspiration overload!  Now, if they could just find a way to motivate me as much as they inspire me!  


  1. Oh sighhhh! I would love to have a Screened in Porch!

  2. I love your dream and vision. It's going to come true!

  3. It is so interesting that you wrote about this topic. I was just looking at the piles of Romantic Country and Romantic Homes magazines that I kept for inspiration when I needed it. Now I just go to Pinterest, I am contemplating getting rid of my magazines that are taking up sooooooo much space!



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