Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cleaning and creating seems to be the order of the day..........

I've been cleaning more than usual lately....not that I shouldn't but it does seem to be in my genes more so at this particular time of year.  I think it is so I will be free to go outside and do yard work soon! LOL!  Double-duty in the summer time!  I cleaned bathrooms yesterday and even scrubbed the floors on my hands and knees...actually I sat down...the knees can't handle it anymore unless I have knee pads on.  Yep, I do have some great Black and Decker knee pads if I need them.  A girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!
I also made a nice dinner of chicken with rice and turnip greens which I love.  My favorite are mustard greens but not seasoned just butter and salt.  I was going to fix bacon wrapped chicken breasts in the crock pot.  A great sounding recipe from Aunt Nubby's Kitchen.  She's a retired teacher who has the greatest cooking blog!  I didn't have the right ingredients though and I didn't want to go to the store so I made do with what I had.  It was good but I definitely want to try the crock pot recipe with bacon...I LOVE bacon!
I take little breaks during my "work" and either visit blogs or sit and knit.  I've been knitting quite a bit lately and really pleased with my progress and proficiency as I still consider myself a novice.  Here's my scarf I started last week.  I've finished one skein of 2 so I guess I'm halfway done.  The picture looks like it's narrower at the far end but it's not.  It's an illusion, like a picture of railroad tracks that seem to get narrower and closer together the farther down the track you look....really!

 I love the Noro transition yarns that change color auto-magically without me having to do a thing.  It's like a surprise when you're knitting to see it changing colors.  That's all for now...signing off as I have to go to recycling today and Wal-Mart before the 2 days of rain and storms they're predicting!  Have a great day....I'll be visiting you all when I get back from the store as Wal-Mart shopping makes me too tired to do anything else! LOL!


  1. You chose great colors for your scarf. Is that the basket weave stitch?
    Your Dick & Jane pic is sweet too!

  2. I using basket weave stitch to knit blocks. Very nice scarf.

  3. Your scarf is beautiful! I'm envious, I have never learned to knit. The Dick and Jane print brings back memories . . . I learned to read in those books.

  4. Keep on scrubbing and invite people over for dinner... just download my invitation and ask them over ;-) Common, you know you want to! Haha.


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