Friday, March 9, 2012

I feel like Snow White but without the elves! LOL!

Remember Snow White and how she found the cabin in the woods all dirty and messy from all those elves?  And remember how she cleaned it up so nice and made it so cozy?  Well, I felt like SnowWhite yesterday except the elves didn't make the mess....I did!  Along with some help from the Shed girls.....Nitty and Annie....shedding all over the place.  In fact....they've been in Doggie Daycare for a week now and they're not happy! Can you tell?

They've been relegated to "the porch" which is mud room, root cellar and pantry in the winter.  Nitty won't even look at me (she's on the left..the big girl) and Annie...well, just look at that says it all.  They usually have the run of the house but they are shedding profusely even though they get special oil capsules and get brushed daily and coinciding with that I am trying to do my Spring Cleaning.  The timing is really bad!  So, I solved it by putting them in what I call "Doggie Daycare"!  It also keeps them from underfoot as Nitty likes to lay in doorways....she's my "guard" dog so she will always lay between me and where ever anyone might possibly come between us which is every doorway so you can imagine when I'm trying to  clean and running around the house how it impinges on my productivity and efficiency.  So, off they go to Doggie Daycare!

Below is a picture of them plotting how they're going to get back at me....they'll "make me pay"!  (Usually in pricey treats and such.) Oh, and did I tell you they ignore me and pout?  Oh yeah!

OMG!  If looks could kill!  That's pure evil that look!

Here's the dreaded gate that keeps them in side what they perceive to be Doggie Daycare hell........I do have a little heater out there but it's not THAT hot!

They'll get over it!  but  meanwhile I got some serious cleaning done!  Look at this...and laundry too! LOL!

I also got THEIR beds washed and me, I would never have gotten all of this done if it hadn't been for "Doggie Daycare"!  


  1. This cracks me up!

    ...and you are in BIG trouble when it is pay back time!

  2. lol!!! I love that you call them the "shed girls!"

    @ Creatively Living


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