Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Wal-Mart had some goodies for me!

I found a whole slew of great magazines at Wal-Mart yesterday.  My nemesis, along with books, old furniture, junk, etc.  Here's what I "snagged" on my shopping trip.


Doesn't this look interesting?  I love "old" anything...maybe because  I'm getting there! LOL!  It brings back memories of people and places which are no longer around....along with "lost recipes".  This is a special publication by America's Test Kitchens which have a show on PBS and always do a bang-up job in my opinion.

Another "special" publication, this one from Martha Stewart...the Queen of organization and couldn't I use a little help in that area!

I'm not much of a "romantic" but this one said country which is what I'm all about!  It also had an article on stenciling as an accent and had the catch words...flea market, farmhouse and garden which caught my attention!

I used to subscribe to this awhile back and they always have the cutest potting sheds on the front.  It's a great magazine but I had plenty of them I hadn't even read so I canceled my subscription.  The Vintage Bag Lady
posted this the other day but when I saw it in the store I noticed it had an article on the cottage gardens of Beatrix Potter!  That sold me...I had to have it as I LOVE Beatrix Potter!

 I canceled this subscription also but I could kick myself because every time I see it in the store I end up buying it because I love it so.  I was very intrigued by the article on selling homemade food without a commercial kitchen but after reading the article last night, you are limited in what you can sell and how.  But it is still a great magazine.

 Of course, I had to wander over to the garden section and I was actually looking to see if they had a raised bed kit like the one I bought last year.  It was $30.00 and terracotta colored plastic and you can make it bigger or just have more if you buy additional kits ie; they'll hook together.   I wasn't going to buy one yesterday but I wanted to see if they were still carrying them and if they were in the store yet and they were and for the same price as last year.  Meanwhile, I spotted some ceramic pots that I thought were cute and brightly colored!   They reminded me of my girl, Mary Engelbreit so I had to get them.

  I also spotted this little cutie!  On this one it was the checkered rim that got me!

 Well of course, I had to get some plants to go in them!  But I lucked out as these were $4.00  marked down to $2.00 and 2 of them had those cute little metal tins with them which I can use for something else.  By the time I got home I was exhausted from walking around Wally World for hours. I got a ton...literally...of groceries too while I was there.  Seemed like I was out of everything and I had to stop at the hardware store too.  Then I had to unload it all from the car and put it all away.  I was a tired buckaroo!


  1. My goodness Sam that is some shopping spree. I have that flea market magazine, its a good one.
    Your bowls are so pretty and the plants too. Such a fun day when you get to come home with a few new things, in your case a lot of fun things. Good for you.
    Nancy Jo

  2. Good stuff! I'm picturing you all cozy on the couch with your new stack of magazines and a cup of coffee (or perhaps a glass of wine?) and I'm SO jealous!

  3. I don't buy magazines very often...but I love them! You got some of my favs! Enjoy your evening! ♥

  4. Yep,I see we are both addicted to the same mags.... I luv curling up with them on a lazy afternoon,and a hot cup of tea!

  5. I love LOVE magazines to curl up and have cup of tea with! I am hoping and praying that someday M.E. will have her magazine published again.



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