Thursday, February 9, 2012

Not feeling too well today..........

   I refuse to say I am sick although I have all the symptoms! LOL!  But I will not give in or give up!  I was pretty slow this morning and took lots of breaks but I'm feeling perkier tonight for some reason.  Maybe it was the green tea I kept imbibing all day or just looking around at all I had to do.  Anyway, I went out on my unheated (presently although it has a heater that I refuse to run)  porch which has become a "catch-all" and tried to do a little organizing and clearing out.  Also, this is my "giant" cold frame when I garden before I plant  the seedlings outside.   Oh, notice my great curtains?  They are everything and anything I could gather up and clip on to tension rods with clothespins! LOL!  I was desperate as I felt like I was in a fishbowl out there at night especially.  It is 3 walls of windows and in the summer when I crank them all open it's nice but it gets lots of western sun in the afternoon too and can get pretty hot out there thus....the "curtains".  Someday I'll sew matching ones when I can afford that much material all at once! Ha! Ha!

This is a cathedral bookcase that has shingled sides and twig molding on the sides and fronts of the shelves.  It was so different and the price was right so I bought it.  It has "country blue" shelves which is my least favorite color.  I think i got so tired of it because there was so much of it at one time everywhere.  I was going to paint it but of course that never happened!  I store my cleaned, empty wine bottles down there on the bottom right as I plan on making wine someday.  There are 2 metal dishes filled with shells from my adventures in Mexico and Belize years ago, clean empty jars that I use for all sorts of things around here and on the top shelf there's birdseed and the hummingbird feeders that are ready to use this Spring again.  On the left, second shelf from the bottom there's a ceramic sunflower bird feeder (laying down) that my Aunt Alice made several years back.  She was a favorite Aunt (as they all were) and I cherish it along with many other things she made.  All my Aunts are gone...all my relatives are gone except for 2 cousins and their families ie; all the people from the generation above me have all passed.  You know what that means don't you?  I'm next! LOL!

 Lots of the things on this porch are things that need to be fixed, or painted or DIY'ed in some fashion or just waiting to be re-purposed.  Below is a prime example.  The cupboard needs to be "hung" somewhere (on the farm it hung in my kitchen).  The doors need to be fixed as they're falling off if you open it and since I live alone there is no one to hold things for me while I try and hang them.....mirrors, shelves, cupboards.  I might have to hire a handy man just to help me get this stuff off the floor!   The jars hold seeds I collected last Fall.

Here's a little etagere' that folds up and has 3 shelves and some apple ceramic tiles on the back which you can't see because of the flower arrangement there.  My daughter made that for me and it used to sit on my dining room table until I started using it as a sewing table! Ha! Ha!  I have some miscellaneous pots and buckets and decorations for the yard there.  I'm think I might drag it into my kitchen though.  I could use shelves in there and it would go with my apple rugs.  It's dark green metal.  On the farm I used to have it on my screened-in front porch with plants on it.

So, I think I'll make some more green tea and get my "jammies" on and settle in and crochet as I'm starting to feel pretty "tuckered out" now.  Have a nice, cozy evening!


  1. I'm rooting for you SAM. Don't let the nasties get you down. I have fought off a thing or two myself lately. It's pretty hard not to catch something when I hang out with all these kids. I'm thinking about you. Wish I could bring you some chicken noodle soup or a smoothie.

  2. Feel better - gallons of green tea for you!


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