Sunday, February 5, 2012

Craft Group met today...............

Happy Superbowl Sunday to all!  Go BEARS!!!!!!  Oh...they're not playing, I forgot...Darn it!  Oh well...maybe next year????  A girl can hope and pray and hope and pray and hope and pray.
Okay...enough about Da Bears.
We haven't had craft group for 2 weeks so it was great to get together again!  We laugh and eat and ...oh yeah....we work on our projects, almost forgot about that part.  I forgot to take pictures again!  I think I'm brain dead or it could just be sinuses...I'm hoping sinuses.  Next week for sure!(Excuse the font issue...not sure what's going on here but evidently I have no control over it!) asked what I'm goes...mittens for the Jolly Green Giant!
Told you!  No, actually it is one of a pair of oven mitts that will be felted (shrunk in washer since it is wool yarn).  That is my glove next to it so you can see how big it is.  I've only made a few scarves and then this so I am a fairly new knitter.  This is my first project using circular needles too and a few other techniques I've never done.  Thank goodness I have a great instructor or I would have quit a while back! LOL!  But I'm really not a quitter but I'm certainly not much of a knitter either...I guess you could say I'm not a "quitter knitter"!  Ha! Ha!  I was going to felt the first oven mitt after I finished it but thought I would wait so I can sort of gauge the other one to the same size, as my tension is better on the second one.

Here's what I worked on today at Crafts Group.....

If it looks familiar it's because it is....the other oven mitt.  I like things in pairs.  Plus, I have 2 hands so I thought 2 oven mitts would be appropriate.  But I can see the issue with the "2nd sock syndrome" as once I finished the first mitt it wasn't easy to start all over again with a second one as opposed to wanting to start a whole new project.  I just have to tell myself that 2 oven mitts ARE a project so it's not really finished until I get both of them done.  Sounds good....hope I've convinced myself.
Now you've also heard me say I am not a girly-girl and I'm not but I get a kick out of some girly things and one is some of the neat nail polishes they have on the market today.  I think they're fun and though I have no nails to speak of I wanted to try this polish.  The pictures are poor but it's the best I could do.  PLEASE...someone...., point me in the right direction for a digital camera, blog photo tutorial!  I need one badly!

See the pretty sparkles?  It has glitter and different colored hearts in it!  It's so pretty.  I couldn't resist!  The first one I looked at though was an OPI polish for multiple dollars which I didn't want to pay as this is just for fun and it will probably dry up before I use it all.  So, I looked around and they had the cheap stuff for $ that's my kind of price!  The only problem is, even if I shake it well I don't get a lot of the glitter or hearts to come out but I'm thinking that as I use more and more of it they will...maybe.  But it's cute and fun and I like it and in my little world that's all that counts! LOL!
 Oh!  there's a heart....see it?  I snagged one!
Oh!!!  See the looks MUCH better in person, trust me!  Not the nails but the polish! LOL!
I am truly blessed as it takes very little to make me happy!  Today it only took $1.95 worth of nail polish.  Although I must admit some days are pricier than others! LOL!  Have a great Superbowl Sunday!


  1. Oh yay! You're a Bear's fan! Me too, but even moreso, Go Cubbies!!!!! (It's in my genes :)

  2. Love the nail polish! I bet my kids would too. I love the fact that you have a "craft group." I wish we could get my farmgirl chapter together, but we always seem to be busy with our homes or working.

  3. ...Loving those red oven mitts!
    And girl! Show off those sparklies!
    I am defiantly a girly girl but I don't do my nails much... because I have a bit of tom girl in me too!


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