Thursday, January 26, 2012

Yesterday was bread making day...yum!

     I usually make my own bread.  I used to do the kneading and all that but since I got RA it's a little hard on my hands so I went to a bread making machine but it wasn't the same and then I found this wonderful, easy method for exactly the type of bread I love and it does not require kneading!  It's from Mother Earth News.
It is a great website with TONS of wonderful information from gardening (they have a planner that I will be investigating soon) to building, to raising animals to making your own "anything" from scratch.  The only problem is their website is slow so keep trying and once you get it, print it off.  I highly recommend their magazine, books, and website. Anyway, back to the bread making.
 This is my "batch" of dough that I keep in the frig.  It will make 4-6 loaves depending on size and keeps in the frig for 6 weeks but it never lasts that long.  This basic dough can be made into anything!  How about some homemade caramel pecan rolls this Sunday?  YUMMO! As you can see there's some dough  missing....

This is the dough which I just grabbed from my frig container, formed into a ball and put it on a parchment covered cookie sheet sprinkled with some corn meal.  They call for a stone and pizza peel but I don't have them and this works just fine.  You let it "rise" for 40 minutes.

  After the 40 minutes you sprinkle it with some flour and make some "slashes" in it with a serrated knife  and then pop it in the oven.

About 20 minutes into the "rise" of the bread I put a water filled pan on my lower oven rack and preheat the oven to 450 degrees.  The water keeps the bread moist yet with a crispy crust.  I was raised on Italian style breads so doughy, soft breads are not my favorite but this is!  The bread bakes for 30 minutes and VOILA!  You have homemade bread EASY PEASY!


YOu're supposed to let it cool before slicing but who doesn't want a warm slice fresh from the oven?  I wait a little...but not much!
This bread is great toasted, for sandwiches and dipping in olive oil and parmesan cheese.  You name it and this bread fits the bill!  I live alone so I just make a small loaf but you could make a larger loaf or 2 small ones to fit your needs and your family.  This IS the easiest and fastest way to make bread and it's all natural.  There's also a recipe for wheat bread made this way and additional recipes on the website.  Please try will never again buy store bought or even use your bread maker this is that easy!  
Have a great day! 


  1. Gee that looks good.

    Although I've never celebrated your 4th of July.....from what I can tell Australia Day celebrated similarly.... BBQ with family, Beach Breakfasts and fire works....It's also a public holiday. We also play backyard cricket. There is also an Australian of the year award given out by the Prime Minsiter and this year the recipient was Geoffery Rush.
    Thanks for your lovely visit.
    Carolyn xx

  2. Your bread looks wonderful. I signed you up for my giveaway good luck! Kalen will pick.

  3. I love fresh bread better than dessert! YUMO! ♥


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