Sunday, January 22, 2012

Moving right along in the kitchen.... area #2 done

I can't even remember what challenge this was but out of 52 weeks of organizing, week #1 was kitchen counters.  One would think that in 1 week I could get my kitchen counters done but noooo...not I!!!  Today is the last day and I'm still not done.  Am I the only one that gets off tangent and into wild forays of decorating and rearranging that make you question your sanity????  I am even staying home from craft group today (we have severe weather looming here also so this reorganizing may be all for naught if "the big one" hits but on a brighter note it's a sign of Spring!).  This counter wasn't too bad except I just had to go get my Keurig that I have wanted for 2 years but was waiting until they got the "bugs" out and the reviews got better and they did...hopefully.  So, having purchased it I had to set up a "coffee and cocoa bar"  like Brenda over at Cozy Little House .  I'm also trying to cover up that UGLY wallpaper.  Not sure putting the signs in back is the answer.  Any suggestions are welcome!  I'm also thinking maybe a tray to corral supplies would be better than the little chair etc.'s what it looks like so far....oh....and should I remove the lamp and instead put that little chair I got the other day with a plant on it?  Am I anal or just looney?  You don't have to answer that last question.

The white coffee and tea cannisters hold my "K" cups for my Keurig and yes..the coffee one holds the coffee K cups and the tea holds the tea K cups....ingenius huh?  Cream (coffeemate) and sugar are on the little bench and the jar with marshmallows guessed it....for the hot cocoa K cups and actually I added another tin with those after I took this picture.   

I also put cup hooks up underneath my cupboard and hung my favorite mugs which freed up some prime real estate in my cupboard.  Speaking of, have you ever looked underneath your cupboards?  DON'T!  Things splash and guess where it goes?  OMG!   Gross!  But that's another project for another day.   Sometimes I think there's nothing wrong with "blind ignorance".  


  1. I need to do the coffee mugs under the cabinet idea. Where did you get the Mary Englebreit cherries fabric a few posts down?

  2. Ewwwww....I am afraid to even look! I love the little vintage signs in the backdrop.

    I'm all about homey and convenient. Love the mugs hanging.

  3. I think your kitchen counters are pretty darn clean and organized. I love the coffee, tea & cocoa station. I did one of those at Christmastime on one of my trays and posted it. It got tons of attention then. I also like your signs vintage looking signs alot.


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