Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My plants are happier today!

Yesterday was a beautiful day here with lots of sunshine and high 60's temps.....SO.......since I had failed to get my repotting done in the Fall when I usually do it, I did it yesterday.  I like to do it outside because it's such a "dirty " job....get it..."dirty"!  Ha! Ha!
Some are a little limp today.  I think after all the neglect they're still in shock to have fresh soil, food and water! LOL!  Plus, I divided my shamrock plant (not sure if that's the real name for it) and it is a very delicate plant but needed to prepare it for it's big show and flowers come St. Patty's Day!  Does anyone know the real name for it?  How often do you repot your plants and how do you get them to look so full and healthy like the ones at the store?
This is the "before" picture...

This is the "after" picture...I looks worse but they'll perk up...won't they?

Here's the rest...I have more to do but these were the ones that needed it the most....

I just started using Picasa but I'm having a little trouble getting the pictures uploaded to my minute they're there and the next minute they're not so bear with me while I figure out this new way of posting pictures.   Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I need to repot my three indoor plants. Been waiting for warmer weather. And been lazy too...

  2. ...the name of the plant, Shamrock plant that you are looking for is "Oxalis Regnellii" (

    I have few plants in my home. I usually transplant in the Spring or Summer when I can make a mess outside. I am looking forward to plant my cuttings of Christmas Cactus that I took from my Momma-in-law's plant to pass on her memories. It is growing root like crazy! That makes me very happy. I have been wanting some Christmas Cactus for a long time and also the Shamrock plant! I will be keeping my eyes open when they start selling them in stores again for the coming St. Patrick's Day! I want one to honor my Grandpa's memories. :o)


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