Friday, January 20, 2012

Look what came in the mail.......

YES!!!  More Mary Engelbreit!  I worked at the consignment store yesterday and when I came home this had arrived on my doorstep.  I ordered these from the Mary Engelbreit website.  The first is a 10" round puzzle which I plan on framing when done.  It was only $6.00.  It is one of my favorite sayings and a reminder to live in the present and enjoy the NOW!

This is my new kitchen curtain fabric!  I love it!  I am going to make cafe curtains out of it and replace the "ugly" fabric blue shades/blinds that are there now (sorry Mom but our tastes are world's apart).  As I've mentioned,  I inherited this house from my parents when they passed and they were into French Provincial, dainty and pastel.  I, on the other hand, love vintage, bright colors and cozy not formal.  I need to wash and iron the fabric and I will take before and after pictures when I do the window.  I promised myself I would ignore (which isn't easy) the paint and wallpaper so I can get the house ready to put on the market but I couldn't resist this BREIT (get it...Engelbreit?) cheery fabric for the window.


  1. Hi Farmgirl Sam. I listened to your comment and tomorrow I am posting about labels and how I make them (not the tutorial how, just the print them out how.) Thanks for your suggestion though, I quoted you on the top line of my post along with your blog address. Thanks.

  2. I love the fabric you got for your kitchen curtains. I'm a big Mary Englebreit fan, too!

  3. ...okay! Just so you know, we can always be friends but understand this I hate you! LOL I am totally kidding and very envious! I LOVE M.E. also!

  4. Joy...thank you so much! I truly appreciate it!
    Jennifer...stay tuned...I have a few other ME things arriving soon (I'm SO bad)!
    Karrieann...maybe when I get my act/blog together (still learning) I'll have an ME giveaway! Thanks so much for your visits.


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