Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I forgot to post yesterday!

I was so busy looking at others blogs that I forgot to post!  I had taken the pictures and evidently my little mind thought that was enough...NOT!  Oh well...a day late and a dollar short here goes!
This is the top of the frig...will you look at that shine?  No before pictures here!  YUK!

The only things on the frig now are the whiteboard which I find REALLY handy for writing things down when I run out of them in the kitchen and then when I'm ready to go grocery shopping I know what I'm short on.  The towel hanger is magnetic and the only one I have in the kitchen unless you count the stove but it's farther from the sink. 
I'm following a 52 week organizational challenge and they started this week with kitchen counters but I'm going around the room floor to ceiling (sort of).  I did the hutch yesterday and today was the refrigerator.  I cleaned the inside, the outside and took all those magnets and papers off.  Whew!  That puppy was dirty!  You could see where the papers had been!  And the top was worse!  But all clean now!  Tune in tomorrow for the continuing saga!  


  1. ...looking good! One step at a time! Where are you following that 52 week organization challenge from? I need to get my gears going!

  2. Ok, are you trying to make me feel guilty or what? I don't remember the last time I had shine on the top of the fridge! Sure would be nice...hummmm I am stuck indoors today (snow storm)...maybe I should...NOT.

    Have a great week!

  3. Good idea on the organizational thing. A fridge clear of stuff really look cleaner. Shine on top, humm I must take a look up there I seriously doubt it shines! Thanks for visiting me. Heels I reject them but when I got into all this retro sewing I had to go over to buying a few pair of them for my outfits in which I wear to church.

  4. Looks great. You should see my fridge - loaded with kids pictures from school, artwork and other kids stuff. I am cleaning the inside right now too.

  5. You are an adorable yankee! LOL... Thank you for stopping by my blog palace... Birmingham is the home of the Vulcan statue!!!! YOU got to remember that book title for me ...chickadee! I am your newest follower...Tiffany

  6. Oh my, do I need to follow a 52 week cleaning challenge or what. Good for you! I saw your comment on my friend Kelly's blog, Eclectically Vintage, and wanted to come say Hi! Sorry you can't join our challenge but so glad you're inspired by it!
    Karah @ thespacebetweenblog


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