Monday, January 16, 2012

Changed a few things around here today!

I changed my blog to accommodate those who have trouble viewing it.  I hope this is better!  I also changed my hutch in my kitchen.  I put material behind the glass and put some different  decorations on top.  The little tree has my cookie cutters on it and I need to tie some red ribbon on them.  I decorated it for Christmas but then realized I really liked it and decided to leave it out year round.  I have a battery operated candle on top too which turns on automatically at a certain time and then goes off in 10 or 8 hours.  You can get them on QVC and I like them for putting in high places where I would like a candle but don't want to go around lighting them in those places.  The hutch needs work but this is good for now.  What did you do today on Martin Luther King Day?
BTW....thanks to Jodie at who sent me the invite to Pinterest that finally worked!  Jodie has the most gorgeous blog, farm, children and yarn shop in New South Wales.  If you're a knitter or crocheter you really need to visit her!  She does beautiful work in everything she does!  Thanks again Jodie!


  1. Love the hutch and the egg wreath!!! I looked around your blog and I can tell we would make great Goodwill friends :)

    Thanks for stopping by Creatively Living!

  2. ...sooooo what is your pinterest name?

    mine is

    I want your hutch!!!!

  3. Love that bread box - a thriftier after my own heart! Thanks for stopping by and encouraging me on my basement clean out challenge! Pinterest is a serious addiction! Following you.

  4. Really glad you commented on my post so I could find your blog - really great reads (I read several posts in a row) and I am following. I am putting a link back on my blog so I can keep on reading your blog.

  5. I reallyike the fabric behind the glass - great idea and I never would have thought of it. Thanks for coming by Summer Kitchen Quilts!


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