Saturday, October 9, 2010

I'm my own "sou" (sp?) chef.............

 I always get these pictures in backwards....this is the last picture....anyway the pre-prepping worked really slick.  The only drawback is the extra dishes but I have a dishwasher so it's not that big of a deal and even though I was tired when I came in, I had the motivation to throw it together since most of the work was done.  Before this, if I came in and was too tired I would end up snacking instead of eating a decent meal.  So....I will most probably be doing this from now on....problem #564,962 on to the remaining 564, 961 problems...LOL!
Here's the recipe and picture of the black bean soup I was making.
Ok...I have a problem having the  motivation and energy to cook supper after working outside all day so I decided I would take a tip from the chefs and cooking shows and prep everything BEFORE I started fact, before I went outside and started working.  That way, when I came in and was too tired to "start" something...all I had to do was mindlessly throw it together.  Mindless is good for me! Here are my prepared ingredients.


  1. don't worry,,, I can't spell "sou? sous?" chef either! lolol!
    : > )

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