Friday, October 8, 2010

Block #5 of my Folk Art quilt done.....this one took awhile

This was a "killer" block and I was glad when I finished it....I have a new camera but I had problems with getting pictures uploaded to the blog but got that figured out finally so that's why I didn't blog for a few days.  On to block #6 of 12  not counting borders, I think.


  1. I really like this one,,,did you use felt or wool for the applicque?
    My neighbor(across the road) is an avid "penny Rug" when ever I find wool garments at the thrift, I buy them, cut up & wash them & give to her...she is elderly and can't get around real well.
    I have made a few wool & felt applique candle mats....
    I can hardly wait to see your completed 12 blocks....hurry!

  2. Hey "Katmom"...thanks for your comments and as for the applique is wool felt for the background and felted wool for the applique pieces. Wool felt is much cheaper to use for the background than 100% wool and you get the same look and you can use it for the appliques too if you really wanted to but for me I prefer the REAL wool for the appliques although there were a couple places where I used the wool felt simply because I did not have any dyed wool the color I needed. I do prefer 100% wool (felted) though and the majority of my applique is that.


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