Saturday, July 31, 2010

Sorry I haven't been here......

That little knome has been a little high maintenance but I think he's settling in and his traveling days are over....he's decided to stay here.  One of his cousins is taking over for him at Travelocity so you'll probably be seeing a lot more of him around here.
Maenwhile, life has been very exciting and emotionally charged for me lately.  I came in contact with my Father's family who I never knew.  I really never knew my Father either because my parents divorced when I was 18 months old.  He has since passed and I never even had seen a picture of him but once and it disappeared under mysterious circumstances.  Anyway my new family is SO NICE....they are just delightful, so kind and receptive and welcoming and I hope to meet them all some day.   AND.....I found out (this is pretty exciting for an only child)...that I have 2 half-brothers too!  One has already passed away but there is one still living out in California and I have his phone number but I'm a little hesitant to call since I am sure he doesn't know about me and surprises at our age could send you to the hospital!  LOL!  But here is a picture of my father, the only picture I have....pardon the candlestick in front of him.  He is SO handsome!  I think he looks like George Clooney!!!!

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  1. It's a blessing to find your family. But I know just what you mean about the awkward feeling. Good luck to you!


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