Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The sun finally came out......

Okay....we have had rain, rain, storms, rain and high winds and luckily just barely escaped the 17 tornadoes that went through Missouri so when the sun came out I RAN outside and have been working furiously since, don't ya know, more storms are on the way for the next 3 days!
Mother's Day I went to Wally World and bought 3 rose bushes in honor of my Mother. She loved roses and had rose bushes in front of the house and when she died my step-father took a front loader and tore them all out. I am now living in the same house and MOM....THE ROSES ARE BACK!!!!! Happy Mother's Day!


  1. Sam,
    The roses are so pretty. How nice that you bought them in honor of your Mom. How often do you feed your roses? Mine need help.
    We have a nice day here today, SO FAR! They are calling for rain and high winds later tonight. What is up with all the wind the last few years. Seems we hardly get a day anymore that isn't windy.I think God left the fan pluged in somewhere.
    We are going down town Buffalo to the baseball game tonight. So hope the bad weather holds off.
    Nancy Jo

  2. Sam,
    Great blog. Fun to see your creative self shine through. Had I more time I'd find it fun to take photos and communicate this way. At this point my plate is pretty full. Most of my free time is spent working on music. I keep telling myself I'm going to write more but so far it hasn't happened.
    A couple of my original recipes were just published in a cook book. Does that count as being published? I think not...smile...sigh...Keep up the good work!


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