Friday, May 8, 2009

Got that "quiltin'" itch I guess

I bought this kit awhile ago and when I looked at the directions and it talked about English paper piecing I put it away....I had NO idea what they wer talking about! But after taking my quilting class I now know how to do it! So, last night I dragged it out and got almost all my little hexagons sewn up! It is so fun!!! I think I may be addicted to English paper piecing and it is so easy once you "get it" that I got lots done while watching Grey's Anatomy 100th episode last night...oh yeah!

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  1. Sam,
    You really are going to town there! Do you have a sewing room? If not you better add one on.
    Tell me more about your book from the civil war signed by a Doctor. That could be of some value. What is the Doctor"s name?
    Planted a lot of flowers this morning, looks like we are in for some fun thunderstorms later. yipppes!
    Yes I got your e'mail, always love hearing from you, you seem like you are busy busy busy , that is good.
    Nancy JO


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