Monday, May 25, 2009

Still at it......

I spent the last 2 days shampooing the carpet and not a very big area either! But it came clean..REALLY clean...I was amazed! then I continued on into the living room cleaning and rearranging and here's a few more pics....the French Provincial is not me but actually is is one of the most comfortable sofas I've ever had....who knew? It was my folks and it's a well made piece. I'd like to reupholster in a wild colorful fabric or maybe a plaid?


  1. Sam you are really on the move there! Everything looks so nice. How big is your house anyway? I was surprised to see such a big living room. I haven't seen the kitchen yet. You do have one right? I know a lot of peole do. It was such a nice weekend here, but this afternoon it has started to rain. That's ok, we need it now. Don't want all that pretty green to turn brown. Guess I won't have to go out and water the plants thisn evening either.
    I'M almost done with that needlework kit you sent me. I posted a picture of it on my site. I will make it into a pillow when I'm done.
    Don't work to hard, you have really been on a spree.
    Hugs Nancy Jo

  2. Those are nice and white rugs. I like the jugs under the table, everything looks really cute.


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