Thursday, May 7, 2009

Here's my Japanese Iris by my mailbox. It is deep, deep purple and I just love them! I like them better than the regular Iris. I planted them last year and they didn't bloom but look at them this year! I wonder how soon I can split them and transplant some elsewhere?


  1. Hi Sam,
    Really pretty Iris, mine should be out soon, I have two the same color.
    Your quilt is wonderful. It seems like you were able to do that in record time. I can see why your grass is two feet tall.
    Its been raining here, but off and on, some Sun. Everything is sooo green. I have bought some flowers, going in a few minutes to pick up my daughter and get some more.
    You sound really busy, but thats good, nothing to do is awful.
    NANCY Jo

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog... Beyond A Garden. Blogging is new to me!! Beautiful irises. Mine here in Idaho have not bloomed yet. I have MJF Lena scented irises that will open soon. Desiree

  3. Beautiful flowers mine are not out yet probley next week I'll be enjoying them.

  4. your flowers are so pretty.


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