Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Needlework projects I'm working on.......

I am hand-quilting a little "doll" first quilting project with help and advice from my quilting friends and a girlfriend that has her own quilt shop. Wednesdays at 4:00 p.m is when my Craft Group meets and we are a varied bunch....quilting, embroidery, rug hooking, punch needle, penny rugs and felted wool projects. We used to meet at each others house and the hostess would serve a meal and then we would "craft" but since Jamie opened her quilt shop, we meet there and just pack a supper to take with. Her shop closes at 4:00 so we have the whole place to ourselves! It's really nice because she has the cutting tables, sewing machines, iron and ironing table and of course ALL those pretty supplies!!! And GREAT camaraderie to boot. She also has 2 long arm machines and does long arm quilting for people too. If anyone wants her prices just let me know...I think she is probably pretty reasonable compared to other parts of the country.
My other project is crocheting 7" x 9" rectangles for Warm Up America. TheresaB on Mary Jane's Farm chat room started this and many of my fellow farm girl sisters are participating. I had one panel done but then discovered I was doing it wrong so I took it apart and am starting over. But I need to get a "move on" because these gals are really pumping them out and I am slower than snail do-do! But it's all fun and challenging and I love it many neat projects and so little time!
Oh!!! And here are my pansies that have bloomed ALL Winter despite it all.....they're like farm girls......pretty and delicate but strong and dependable too!


  1. Sam,
    That little quilt is so cute, I really envy you girls that can do that. I can only do squares.

  2. How cool is that?, getting together to have good farmgirl fun. I think the doll quilt is adorable too.. Thanks for posting.

  3. I found this photo of your doll quilt! Oh is so beautiful! Let's see what I can do now! Thank you sweet friend! Hugs, Diane


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